Saturday, 17 February 2018

Feeling alone. It's a horrible feeling isn't it? But one that I have been suffering with for quite a while, and in a sense one that I am on a journey to become at peace with. Now when most people think of loneliness they automatically assume being alone, completely alone, so isolated that they have NOBODY to talk to. But that isn't always the case. My loneliness is 90% in my mind and that is the hardest kind of loneliness. One that isn't really there, but consumes your mind on a daily basis. I've been meaning to write a post on this for quite some time now but its only now that I've really began to feel at peace with this feeling, and its only now that I'm learning that being alone doesn't always have to be a negative concept.

Lets talk productivity and happiness

Saturday, 20 January 2018


Happiness and positivity, It can be quite the hard thing to grasp, and it may even be made to sound simple as many give the awfully clever advice of 'If you think positive thoughts, everything will be fine'.. Ah if only it was that simple. But it's okay to not feel okay sometimes, the way I think of it is if you didn't ever experience these negative moments in your life you wouldn't be able truly process and appreciate the positives. Whether that be a simple smile from a stranger or a promotion at your job. Anything that gives you a warm fuzzy feeling is worth remembering.

Life update & 2018 goals to smash

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Well, I am back. My gosh it feels like its been forever since I last blogged, and to be completely honest it has been.. last blog was last year! (Oh yes, I made the new year joke.. Shame, shame, shame). But anyway, I am back and to be quite honest I'm feeling better than ever, you know apart from the weight of exams that have been dragging me down the past month or so. But I really have that cliche feeling that 2018 is going to be a good one. I feel motivated, refreshed & ready for life. Although this is only going to be a very short post here I am, sat here getting ready to tell those of you that might be slightly interested what goals I am ready to smash this year!

Miracle skin oil - review

Sunday, 17 December 2017

If you're as new to the concept of natural skin care as I am, then this might just be the blog post for you. I am here to share my experience of using one of the newly launched Wild source apothecary products with you. So if you're suffering with some tired and dry skin over these next few winter months you may want to read more about this, giving you an insight into what its all about and where you can get your hands on it.

Chelsea candle - rambles about the candle and my experience

Sunday, 3 December 2017

In this post I am here to talk to you all about a candle, but not just a candle.. a  Chelseacandleco candle.. (Now you'd be lying if the Marks & Spencer catchphrase didn't come into your mind, now I'm sorry its no M&S product but trust me its pretty damn close). Admittedly I'm slightly excited, well I say slightly but I am very excited... Now I've never really been one for getting enthusiastic and excited about little home furnishings, that was until I moved to university... And whilst moving away from home I realised that finding anything that makes your new room even just that little bit cosier can make the world of difference. Anything from a cosy bed throw, all the way down to yes.. a candle. 
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