| This post contains a gifted item |

Simplicity. Sometimes in life, the smaller things make the biggest statements. Such as a handwritten note or simply a smile. These smaller day to day things are the ones that we tend to remember and value the most. So why should your jewellery be any different?

The smaller and more delicate the piece, the bigger the impact. Say hello to the newest edition in my jewellery collection. This gorgeous 18ct Rose Gold disk initial necklace. This piece just speaks for itself. With an elegant, simplistic and minimalist style this necklace can be found at Jewel editions for just £39. With an adjustable chain changing from 16-18 inches this is the perfect necklace for anyone and is something that I have been searching for for a long time.

Customisation is another unique feature, there's just something about simply popping your intitial on a necklace that can change it from simply being another piece to being your piece. The quality is just beautiful, with an outstanding finish and this is already a new favourite of mine.

Which jewellery type are you.. Delicate and dainty, or the bigger the better?

Until next time, Rebeca Elen.