*All the below products have been kindly gifted for the purpose of review*

Norvell Tannin spray - £35.99
Ahh to be tanned, wouldn’t it be lovely? Now I’m the kind of person that will shoot off on a holiday and return the same colour, despite all my effort to sunbathe as much as I can. (When I say as much I can I mean, for as long as my patience will last) I’m just not the kind of person that can lay in the sun for hours on end and find it relaxing, I become a hot sweaty mess and quite frankly I get pretty bored.

That’s why I decided its time to turn to the fake tan, now I’m not insecure in my paleness but its always nice to jazz it up a little in the sunnier weeks and always interesting to experiment with some new make up colours and tones. I was kindly gifted the Norvell tanning spray from Alex Silver PR and its safe to say that I have found a new staple piece to add to my beauty collection.

So, first thoughts on the crucial eye-catching packaging, it definitely screams luxury as its gorgeous purple and black bottle is an aesthetically pleasing piece to look at. It’s the perfect size, enough product to enable a good few applications but small enough to just chuck in your bag for travel.
In terms of the application itself, similar to most fake tan it can be slightly tricky to apply to hard to reach places such as my back as I’m an individual with particularly short arms so as you can imagine I definitely need a little helping hand. Once left for 8 hours it leaves the most beautiful natural tan, and I am utterly in love.

Design.ME/Puff.ME light - £17
The Puff.Me hair mist from Design.ME. Okay spoiler alert this is revolutionary. I’d gotten o used to having flat hair due to my hate of hairspray, but then this came along and has literally changed the game for me. The puff.me hair mist is designed to be pumped onto our roots to deliver a hella amount of volume. And It works!

When I was first gifted this by Sparkle PR I was questioning how a little powder would work to give me a volume boost, but as soon as I tried it I was in love. Now I don’t know what the competitor of this is whether it be hairspray or any other product, but it has the magical power of creating volume without leaving your hair feeling sticky and stiff which is the element that just sold it to me.

The Alya Skin ink Clay Mask - £27.99
Now if you have Snapchat you will see that everyone has been raving about the Alya facemask. There have been marketing campaigns being pushed out all over the internet and many people reviewing it. And I was one of the lucky ones that was kindly gifted it. Now I usually don’t get excited over face masks and quite frankly get impatient and bored whilst waiting for them to dry most of the time. But this has definitely changed my mind about them.

This pink clay mask has quite a thick consistency and so you only need a small amount for each application, it smells gorgeous and has a gorgeous little pale pink aesthetic to it.

It’s safe to say that these products have found a special place in my heart, and I’m excited to explore more products from their range.