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Hi there, as a blogger I'm pretty much on my social media platforms 24/7. I am PR friendly and always interested in working/collaborating with companies/brands. Or even if you just have a few questions about the blog or myself, do not hesitate in getting in touch via;

Instagram: beckyyelenn
Twitter: beckyelen


PR Samples: I am open to receiving any PR samples or samples in general to review. Just get in contact to talk through some ideas, Although I am happy to review a product in exchange for just the product to enable an honest raw review.  If it is a sponsored post (I.e I have been paid to write about a certain thing by a company/brand) I will disclose that within the post itself, but ALL opinions will still be of my own as I do not collaborate with posts written for me or that are influenced in any way.

COLLABORATIONS: Whilst I do not offer spaces for guest posts on my blog due to aiming to keep my content 100% my style and as an honest representation of myself. I am happy to write for you on another platform that being your own or a brands etc. If you have any other ideas of new/different ways you'd like to collab then don't hesitate to get in contact I am always open to new ideas and suggestions!


To ensure that you understand your privacy and how any information you share is used read this privacy policy carefully. This blog is run by myself Rebeca Elen along side the sight host Blogger. 

What data does blogger collect? 
Automatically blogger collects data such as;
- Page views by country
- Page views by brower
- Page views per operating system
- Referring URLS
- Referring sites

Whilst data or how many people have clicked or visited my blog over time remain on my analytics the more specific details such as web browsers and country are only shown to myself for 24hours. Blogger is compliant with the GDPR 2018 therefor no data will be shared to third parties.

No personal data is collected such as names phone numbers or addresses. And none of the above information is ever passed onto PR's or companies I wish to collaborate with. The sole purpose of the data collection is to keep a track on analytics and views for my insights only to manage traffic and the running of my blog.

Whilst the option is there to comment using google usernames, email address, and so on there is always an anonymous option offered where you don't have to disclose any information.

- If you do choose to use username, URL, email address the following data may be collected by blogger - name or username, email address, IP address and website URL.

But again the above is only relevant if you consent to commenting on my post in the first place. And Again the sole purpose of the email address & username options are to disclose your name/account name to identify yourself.

- If you do choose to use the options where your name or identity is used this will be shown on my blog for identity purposes, but if you are unhappy with your name being shown you have the option to select the anonymous option,  or to get in contact personally with myself through email.

A cookie policy banner will have appeared on my blog when you first click onto it, on it you have the option to learn more about the data it collects and the option to click yes if you consent to it.

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