During the past few weeks I've made the decision to transition to only using animal cruelty/testing free make up. And there's no better company i could think of turning to other than the body shop.Its only recently that I've truly discovered the wonders of the body shops products.. From the body wash, the foundation all the way to the matte lip liquids. I've had high hopes for all of these products and so far I can say that none of these have let me down! 

The matte liquid lipsticks

The first products I ever purchased (well that my boyfriend bought for me for christmas) were the three matte lip liquids, one nude shade and two darker purple/red shades. I managed to grab these on a 3 for 2 deal that they have on on all make up and skin care products! Its fair to say that I've had my fair share of use out of them, in fact being part of my every day make up routine (which FYI I am in the middle of creating a blog post about, yay). My two stand out shades out of the three is the nude shade of 'Crete carnation 030' and the darker shade of 'Mauritius dahlia 017'. Now come on you firstly have to love them because of the shade names, aren't they just the cutest! But secondly the lip liquid itself, it has the most gorgeously smooth formula that dries within seconds. But somehow while drying to a matte shade it still retains that little touch of moisture, meaning that you never have to deal with the high maintenance re-application every 20 minutes or so! Its fair to say that they pretty much won my heart over as soon as I put them on, which is always a good sign and I would 100% recommend them to every single one of you!

The matte lipsticks

The second type of product that I invested in is the matte lipsticks, I picked up two shades which were the 'Osaka plum matte 429' and the 'Sienna rose matte 430'. These lipsticks are most definitely at the top of my favorite lipstick list (admit it we all have one..) The colours are such beautiful shades, incredibly pigmented and last for a good few hours without having to top up! Now while they do truly keep to their word of being Matte this may not be everyone's cup of tea, as they can be a little dry. Personally that causes no problems for myself but I am aware that a lot of people love moisture in their lipsticks, so you may want to just stick with their more shiny/moisturising lipsticks.

the skinny thin felt eyeliner

The third product is the 'skinny thin felt eyeliner' and with the title being skinny thin I can promise you that they do deliver on that note. This eyeliner has become my holy grail since I bought it, the thin tip enables your wings to be truly on point with very sharp edges. The colour is also a very dark black which is perfect for people like myself.. (the hidden emo's).The only negative that I can say about this product is like many other thin eyeliners is does dry up slightly quicker than the usual liquid eyeliner, but for the price and the quality of the product while still usable its most definitely worth it.

Fresh nude foundation

And the last but not least, possibly my most favorite product (don't tell the others..) is the 'fresh nude foundation' in the shade 'Chelsea porcelain'. yes, once again the lightest shade as usual because I am possibly one of the palest people you will ever meet but I am totally embracing this vampire life and its great! This formula ensures for a light to medium coverage and feels so light on the skin and so far I am absolutely loving it!


But here's the important part, the body shop not only work hard on creating great products for their customers.. but they are also a 100% free from animal testing cosmetic company. And using their platform they have launched the #foreveragainstanimaltesting hashtag and campaign. And as somebody thats now becoming more and more aware of the awful things that are still happening behind the scenes I have proudly signed it, and I urge you to do so to. Now I'm no expert on this campaign but if you are interested in just taking a look or even signing the petition click on this #foreveragainstanimaltesting link, and share with your friends!

And if you have actually made it to the bottom of this post then I really do appreciate it and hope that you've enjoyed it! until next time, Becky x