Monday, 15 October 2018

Clifton | Photo blog

If you're a student in or around Bristol then Clifton is sure to not be a stranger to you. Known for it's Georgian townhouses all lined up in the most aesthetically pleasing way, and of course the ever so famous suspension bridge. But ask yourself this, how often do you take the chance to explore the places near you as if you were a tourist? Answer, probably not enough.

Full of beautiful little woodland paths, quirky cafe's where you're sure to spot many coffee's with art on the top of them.. followed by a beautiful baked homemade vegan cake. It is the little village of everything elegant, different & to be quite straight to the point perfect and pristine.  Offering a range of high end boutiques, and a co-op here and there. It's a one of a kind little town, one you wouldn't necessarily think to find in such an out there city of Bristol. Something so peaceful, symmetrical and full of natural beauty.

Soy-fisticated candles

Autumn. The perfect season to end a year before venturing into the next one.. even though its only technically Autumn until the 21st of December, but we'll forget about that one. From what I can see its the season where people begin to get festive, whether that be over Halloween or even the Christmas holidays. You know who you are, those people that get their Christmas lights out when its not even past October yet.. p.s I'm not judging. But from pumpkins to fairy lights, people start to change up their lifestyle and light a whole lot of candles. And that is where the point of today's post comes from. Candles.

Specifically Soy-fisticated candles. To get straight to the point, soy-fiscticated candles if you haven't already guessed are created by using Soy wax that is hand poured in the UK. Along with this move that is better for us as people and the environment they thrive themselves on creating these with wicks that are 100% natural, the only thing unnatural are the incredible scented oils that they add to them. Spoiler alert, I'm in love with them. 

The scent that I was kindly gifted was the Lemon sherbet, and if you know me I am absolutely obsessed with anything lemon.. Fresh lemonade, lemon shower gel, lemon sherbets, and lemon candles (hence why I own a good two or three lemon scented candles already but still requested another) I will not rest in my bed until I have collected every lemon scented candle in existence, and i'm joking of course.. you really think I have the time and money for that? Anyway, lets get down to the reviewing. from first glance I was really impressed with the presentation, it arrived in a beautifully simplistic white box with the soy-fisticated logo on the front along with the approx burning time (which is 40 hours by the way) and the scent, but lets just be honest I could smell this bad boy before it'd even left its packaging. The smell of dreams, the smell of perfection to a lemon obsessive. It's presented in a beautiful clear glass casing and really gives off those simplistic vibes which I am all about. My room may be slightly cluttered but I am all about that clean, simplistic home vibe. 

This beautiful candle fits in anywhere, and can be smelt even when its not even lit so it's a win-win situation, the only thing I'm questioning about it is the burning time.. Now I know that it says approx 40 hours but I don't feel as if this candle will last that long sadly so if you are looking for a trooper of a candle that'll take you through the whole season this may not be the perfect one for you. but if you're a candle hoarder like myself and just want to add a beautiful smelling new edition to your desk then this I would 100% recommend this candle to you all!

Wednesday, 5 September 2018

giving skin care a go

Skin care. Ah something that I was pretty much a stranger to before I tried the skinkissed serum, from my experience of products in the past lets just say they've not been great.. when it comes to beauty my skin has a hard time trying to love them. From allergies, to plain old sensitivity I just don't tend to get along with them. But for some reason the skinkissed serum really grabbed my attention and I felt like I had to give it a go. with claims to rid of fine lines & acne scars, I must admit I was a little skeptical but let me just tell you this serum is the serum of dreams.

Who are Skinkissed you ask?
Skinkissed are the brand that have come up with the mircale working vitamin-C serum. At a cost of £39.95 per bottle this serum is being longed for by many skin care lovers. With promises to reduce wrinkles and fine lines, rid of acne scarring, & even claims to be a great base for make up (yep, I do agree with this one).

When ordering this serum to begin with it came very promptly wrapped in bubble wrap (which we all love, even if it does get on our nerves once found in the wrong hands). But it arrived safe in a beautiful matte black casing, with gold detailing around the rims which to begin with made me instantly fall in love with it from the get go.

That night was the first night that I had tried it and within one use my skin was left feeling soft and nourished, but many creams and serums can do this too. And so, still I was a little a bit curious of whether these miracle claims were going to be true and actually show results on my acne scar battered skin. The good news? It did. After four days of using 4-5 drops twice a day, my skin had instantly lost its raw redness and the colour was already almost one shade instead of a painted pink dalmatian. Nothing like this had ever worked on my skin before, so I was well and truly shocked and instantly understood why the price is what it is.

This serum is still over a month later leaving my skin feel smoother and full of life, and under my make up it gives the look a lovely dewy glow. (which during this summer is what I've been needing to disguise the sweaty mess I've been). All in all this is a product that I would 100% recommend, even coming from me a person that used to avoid skin care at all costs. Because if I love it then boy its not going to be hard for you to love it too!

Thursday, 23 August 2018


Hey all, I am finally back with a foodie blog review and I couldn't be more excited! This time its Felsons cocktail lounge and stick hall on Corn street, Bristol. I was offered the kind gift of a meal and drinks for myself and a +1, so without question I dragged my boyfriend along but of course with a private room, the Chelsea football match on tv, a pool table and a meal.. He couldn't even try and complain right?

Upon arrival we were greeted by a lovely waiter/barman that led us to this hella fancy room, and I actually couldn't believe my eyes of what we were getting.. a little private room to ourselves, with our own music, a little tv propped upon the wall, two sofas, a pool table and a little table and chairs in the corner of it all. It's fair to say that we were being absolutely spoiled, and fair to say that this is 100% a suitable room for a big group of people to hire out, which they can! Felson's state that the reason behind starting this company is that; 'We are inspired by Fast Eddie Felson, 1950's a Hollywood eight-ball stick hero. A cool, confident player with a competitive attitude and a love of the game. Living on the edge, never afraid of a challenge, he would play for tens of thousands of dollars a game without even flinching!'

Before we could even think about the pool game we hurried and ordered ourselves a good bit of grub, myself going for the deep south burger and some chips! Because come on its pretty hard to go wrong with that, at this time we also decided to grab some drinks, myself opting for a strawberry daquiri and my love going for a good old fashioned. The drinks arrived in an impressive speedy time followed up by the food. The strawberry Daquiri was a very sweet mixture of fruits and alcohol which is always great! The deep south burger was a beautifully southern fried piece of chicken that was very giving for a starter, in a beautiful brioche bun with some bbq sauce! As a great lover of chicken in general I was very impressed with how juicy and tender the inside of the chicken truly was. On the side of that monstrous sized burger was a portion of chips to suit it. Crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside just the way I like it. 

After we munched down our food and sat down for a little while I got a little over excited and set up the pool table whilst Tom was still dealing with how full he was. Now I used to be quite decent at pool but it was this night that I discovered that maybe that was no more. Out of six games I won 1 of those by myself, and another two by the fault of Tom potting the black by mistake. Now I would usually take any win I can get, but not even I could take that as an official point so I'll just settle for one out of six.

After these good few games of Pool we had worked up quite a sweat and downed a pint of lemonade between us and decided to call it a night. I can't thank Felsons enough for the incredible night we had and we genuinely cannot wait to be back as soon as we get a chance! So if you're looking for a great night full of fun and competitiveness with a group of friends or somewhere to go to break the ice on a date night I truly think that Felsons is the right place to go!

Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Accessories, taking you from season to season

We've all been there and done that with getting so over excited with one season that we end up spending 90% of our money on clothing and accessorising, seemingly forgetting about the other three seasons in the year. You're suddenly left with the realisation that your brand new white converse won't last through the winter, and your doc martens will not be the perfect suit for a summer holiday. But that's where accessories come in, you know those wonderful things that you can put on that instantly change any outfit to suit the weather. And a watch, is the most perfect one you may find.
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