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Working full time whilst attempting to run a blog, an Instagram, a photography business whilst also trying to keep on top of a social life is a tricky old thing. Everything moves at such a fast pace, as if you blink and you'll miss it. With technology ruling the way we think and run our lives, its nice to go back to the old fashioned way of pen and paper.

Now considering I'm a full-time social media co-ordinator, I love a new notebook, a mind map and a good list or two to help me smash my targets. This is what I love about the CGD London goals Diary, a beautiful June 2019 to December 2020 diary designed to keep you on track with reaching your goals. And trust me, your girl has a hell of a lot of goals to fulfill. 

Next year I have more goals than ever, goals to be happy, goals to be productive and goals to get myself where I want to be. Starting with my fitness journey. Along with joining a weekly fitness group, I have joined the gym. And there's no better way to keep you on track than a diary, here I can note down my goals, what I'll do to achieve them and when I'm hitting them. There's no need to rely on battery power, just one book that contains everything you need that will always be with you on the go. 

Not only does this little diary have a monthly calendar, but its also filled with plenty of little weekly goal and to do sections which is definitely one of my favourite parts! It also includes pages of space for notes and addresses. To note down phone numbers, important need to know info and my healthy recipes! There's just something about organising my life in a diary that truly makes me feel like I've got my sh*t together, and I absolutely love it!

The need to know information
This beautiful diary comes in at £28 and can offer you monthly, weekly and daily overviews for your goals and to do lists. Its made of a vegan friendly black leather front and back which really adds a high quality to finish. Most importantly, you can purchase your very own from here using my discount code 'REBECA15' And I couldn't recommend that you buy this enough!

Happy planning!