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I am back again, with another fashion post, and once again featuring Simply Be UK. I previously did a campaign with Simply Be and fell in love with their clothes and their beliefs. Having a curvy figure or in general being bigger than a size 12 can often make it hard to find perfectly fitting clothing. But with Simply Be UK aiming to create inclusive clothing for many sizes it’s become easier to find things that I love. And today I am talking dresses. Day dresses that are simple to dress up and dress down throughout the summer months.

Where do I begin? Maybe with the most bold of the three dresses. Something that is usually quite out of my comfort zone but that was just calling my name in the search for the perfect day dress. The first dress is this gorgeous Joe Browns all about the animal maxi dress. Animal print is something that I had not yet ventured into in the fashion world until this. It really drew me to it due to the fact that its quite a subtle pattern as my eyes were instantly pulled towards the complexity of detail in the design itself. The way it sits, and flows so elegantly in the wind has definitely got me head over heals in love with it. But what shoes do you wear you ask? Well these gorgeous Black boots with the subtle platform base its like wearing a pair of heeled boots without the heel. They scream style but have the comfort of wearing your go to pair of trainers.

The second dress in this collection that I’d picked up was the gorgeous black and blue heart dress. I picked this one up as I thought it was a perfect one for in and out of the office, styled with the simplistic black boots for office wear but easily switch up to these platform White trainers for full comfort of your everyday life. To finish off this look I picked up this gorgeous Necklace, a very bold yet subtle necklace that fits in perfectly within the V neck Line of this dress.

Now last but not least, this gorgeous Chi Chi London floral number. I have to say although still fitting for a day dress this one is rather fancy. And I thought this would be the perfect one for a daytime wedding or event. The way that the sleeves sit so perfectly just off your shoulders, to the beautiful detailing across the chest. This dress is a perfect addition to your wardrobe when you just want to feel that extra bit fancier. The way that this dress sits and forms around my curves definitely gives me an added bit of confidence when it comes to feeling good about my body, because there is really nothing better than truly being yourself.

All in all, I am absolutely in love with these three dresses. With all of them being of different lengths it’s given me the opportunity to make my every day outfits more diverse, and its definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone and I am so glad that it has as I definitely have a new found love for everything dresses and Simply Be UK