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Over the past three years my body has gone through a hell of a lot of change, from weight loss to weight gain. It's been a journey, not only physically but mentally. When your body changes, so does the way you see yourself. And when that change is drastic it's as if you have to figure out a whole new way to dress yourself. It's taken a little longer than I'd hoped but, I'm getting there. Everyday I'm discovering new reasons to love my curvy figure, from the way my hips fill out a tight fitting dress to the way that I can catch any food that falls in between my thighs (If you know, you know). But its fair to say that fashion has been a challenge.

Fashion can be a tricky one these days, with each shops displaying different sizes and different fits it can be a pretty overwhelming place. But this is why I am so glad that Simply Be UK exist. At Simply Be they believe in celebrating all shapes and sizes, curves aren't a fashion statement or a trend that can just be taken on and off again. Curves are a natural beauty that make us and our bodies who we are, and to celebrate the natural body in its glory this post will show you how to style your outfits from day to night!

The first thing I look for when it comes to clothing items, is comfort which is why for my first look I had to go for this gorgeous embroided striped dress. This dress caught my eye as its such a simple little piece but also has so many elements to it that give it that little stand out touch. From the beautifully vibrant embroided flowers to the colourful tassels hanging down. This dress has the perfect fit all over, meaning that I was actually able to size down due to the fact that their sizes cater for us naturally curvy girls. This dress comes in at a bargain price of £45!

To match this dress and make the perfect adventure outfit I had to go for these simple platformed white canvas trainers, one of the biggest trends of 2019 has to be white trainers so I just couldn't resist. So simple and versatile to go with a whole range of outfits you just cannot go wrong! And the final touch, these gorgeous Flower Hoop Earrings. The earrings arrived and are such a great quality, thick sturdy material that are going to last. These earrings really tie the whole outfit together and allow you to show off a natural make up look through drawing attention to these beautiful editions.

Onto the night. Now summer nights can often be a struggle to cater for, especially on holiday. It gets cooler in the evenings so you need something airy but cosy, but that can also be switched up in an instant. That is why this saffron print dress is the perfect answer. With its vibrant mustard colour this is definitely one hell of a statement piece to have in your wardrobe. And I'll let you in on a secret.. under the long flowing maxi dress bottom, it has shorts. It's like a nostalgic skort from my childhood but actually glamorous. The fit of this is a dream, when Simply Be say that they design their clothes around curves they really do. It fits perfectly on the hips without being too tight or leaving excess materials. It follows the silhouette of your shape in the most beautiful way and I can tell that I will be getting a lot of wear out of this this summer.

To finish this evening outfit off I opted for some Black Willow Chunky Cage Sandals which are gorgeous, a simple but statement piece for the outfit taking a casual day dress to the next level perfect for a glamorous event or a romantic date night... not to mention that they are incredibly comfy and the most perfect fit. Simply Be have truly nailed it with their sizing. And the very last thing, which is definitely one of my favourite things. The sun layered charm necklace, who thought the simple idea of popping two or three necklaces in one would be such a great idea but it is. And I have been wearing this little three design combo every day since this order arrived, I feel that this really gives this outfit that something special. Dainty and delicate, but still big enough to stand out.

All in all, I have to say that the quality of these clothing items are really great, with accurate fits and high quality finishes I truly couldn't recommend Simply Be quite enough.