The cosy club. A food and cocktail lover’s dream. I must admit before this trip I’d only visited the cosy club once and I could only remember my experience very vaguely, so to have a meal set up for me by the cosy club themselves was extremely exciting, and I just couldn’t wait to see what the new menus were about!Now due to me always being early for everything in my life, myself and my love were sat down a little earlier in the most elegant but cosy corner of the restaurant (a very fitting description). After taking a few little snaps of all the luxurious glasses and table set ups we were soon introduced to our lovely waitress for the night that was Olivia. 
She took our drinks order, me opting for the intriguing English Garden (A mix of all things English, Hendricks gin, pressed apple juice, and elderflower over ice. Finished with cucumber) Whilst Tom still nervous about this being his first official blogger dinner ordered a safe option of Estrella whilst he himself was eyeing up some of those cocktails.. Soon after our drinks arriving s being as hungry as we were due to saving ourselves all day ordered our meals! Myself opting for the Whole rack of baby back ribs, accompanied by smoked ketchup, sweet potato fries and the house slaw & Tom ordering the Pan-fried seabass, accompanied by sugar snap peas, baby corn, red pepper, pak choi, ed chilli, toasted cashews and a soy, honey and ginger dressing (Which is part of their new menu items).

After quite the impressive short wait but that feels like a lifetime when you’re hunger our dishes soon arrived, and my gosh it was love at first sight. I have to admit to the fact that I was such an awful blogger and dug into my food before even getting the chance to take photos of it.. so I had a beautiful dish but only a photo of the slaw to show for it.. The ribs were mouth-wateringly tender, with the gorgeous tangy tomato smoked sauce lathered on top of them, I don’t feel like I need to describe whether or not I loved the sweet potato fries as if you know me, then you’ll know I am just utterly obsessed with them. Onto the slaw, now I’m always really keen to try the slaw on a meal as they’re something that can always be so hit or miss. But I am very pleased to say that the cosy club slaw was a hit, the vegetables were cut thick and chunky (Much like the eater, chunky but funky) which was really nice as you could truly taste the vibrant flavours of each component instead of it all just mashing into one covered by mayonnaise.

My love had opted for the pan fried sea bass and I was excited to get him to write about his experience of it here.. to begin the presentation was beautiful like something you'd see at a fancy five star restaurant with the sea bass layered on top of the colourful pee's and corn. He gave this dish a 7/10 as he is one that's really into cooking and ultimately critiquing. The sea bass was cooked perfectly but the only improvement is that due to the sauce being a dressing rather than a glaze it had run off the sea bass and into the bottom of the dish not giving the sea bass that extra bit of a flavour push. But for the sauce itself it was a perfect balance between the two vibrant flavours of soy and ginger, so all in all it was a definite worthy dish of going back to on our next visit!

As a side order we had jumped on the garlic bread ciabatta’s because come on who doesn’t love a good bit of garlic bread, again very much like the slaw the garlic bread was a great hit and had gone down very well with the both of us.. some would say too well since it was all demolished within the first five minutes of us receiving our food! The garlic taste was beautifully strong and the ciabatta crunchy but left with a beautiful moist garlic spread in the centre when you bit into it. It’s fair to say that this Garlic bread is definitely up there with one of the best I’d ever tried.

Now let’s take a break on the food for a second and discuss the beautiful décor, As we walked in were astounded by the architecture of the place, the high ceilings, arched walls and he many luxurious chandeliers hanging from the ceiling it was so fancy that we felt as if we were in somewhere from the great Gatsby. A beautiful 1920’s type décor mixed with modern day and age furniture, quirky but pulled off within a classy way. It’s quite breath-taking really when you see it as a tall narrow building on the outside but it opens up to be light, airy and just so damn classy on the inside you start to think of all that history that has gone down in that building and it is nothing but enchanting.

But okay okay, onto the pudding.. quite literally saving the best until last! We had n trouble deciding on the newest feature on the menu that was the salted caramel cheese cake with butterscotch sauce and a sweet and salty popcorn layered on the top. Now I don’t really feel as If I have to go into detail with this one because if you love a good cheesecake you will definitely love this. Sweet, melt in your mouth cheese cake with the finishing touches of butterscotch sauce drizzled over the top followed by popcorn. I don’t really feel like it could get much better than that.

I just wanted to take a moment to thank the cosy club for the service and the warm welcome that we had received throughout the night , although this meal was given complimentary I always guarantee that all opinions are of my own and that they are never influenced in anyway by the company. My blog is my thoughts and opinions and my aim is to ensure honesty. But all in all we genuinely had the most wonderful night being absolutely spoilt and I really cannot wait to head back there soon!