The rare beauty company, the company that I recently discovered through a beauty blogger night event to celebrate the launch of their site. They focus on collecting together many small run businesses that specialise in straight to the point natural beauty products. You would never believe it but the rare beauty company is the only natural company completely ran by women, which really shocks me.. but makes me love this brand even more, natural ingredients and a bunch of bad-ass women what more do you want? 
This event was held at the cutest little venue, the 'craftisan' in Bristol and when we arrived we were met with the warmest of welcomes by Corinne and her wonderful women led team. We were given a glass of fizz followed by the words 'we drink the pink fizz until it runs out!'. We were also given two little tokens, one allowing us to grab some food from a selection of cakes, chilli con carne and vegan macaroni cheese.. and the other token to grab a hot drink which I couldn't resist using to get myself a cosy hot chocolate with marshmallows to take home with me.

Anyway onto the event, we had the chance to mingle for a good hour to get to know other bloggers and have a little nosy at the products that were available for sale! Corinne then had a little chat with us all explaining the company and the intentions behind it! In the words of Corinne this is what had inspired her to begin this natural women led company; (which you can read more about here“Seven years ago I was given a book from my mum about making your own natural skincare products which would change the path of my life. The author described the processes and ingredients used to make mainstream beauty products. I was horrified. I felt I’d been duped by the so called ‘beauty’ industry and from that moment on vowed never to put another product on my skin without knowing what was in it"

As a result of this vow she created this company, an investment in fully natural products full of great healthy ingredients only!  They also promise to deliver;

  1. High performance natural and organic skin-care
  2. Trusted product reviews
  3. Cruelty-free ethical beauty
  4. A women led company
  5. Produce that is made solely in the UK

I must admit out of all the different beauty events I have attended in the past this event was truly the most inspiring, it was so refreshing to see someone so genuinely interested in the value and experience of the buyer. Its not just another beauty company, its a natural and organic straight to the point beauty company. Not one to make you a new person creating miracle products to make you look twenty years younger, but a brand inspired to make you a better and fresher version of YOURSELF. 

At the end of the event they ever so kindly gave us a little tote bag with a few little goodies! My little bag of goodies included the Mallow + white soothe cleansing oil, the Velvet touch body butter and the Freyaluna Calendula & sweet violet seriously smoothing salve. All of the above can be found HERE on their site! Now I must admit I'm not the greatest at keeping up with beauty products and cleansing oils etc.. but I am loving these products, with the most unusually beautiful scents and of the highest quality you cannot really ask much more!

If you are around Bristol and absolutely love the sound of rare beauty, then they will be at the harts bakery this Saturday with a little pop up stall and more details can be found on their Facebook page!