Now this is a post that is well overdue, the post where I chat about my little blogger brunch experience at the Beets'N Roots cafe in Bristol! I must admit I'm not too into experimental foods, and experimental to me being foods with more than two or three flavours. You could say that I'm a simplistic eater, so whilst I was crazily excited to try out a new food venue I was also a little cautious about it too. So many worries about what if I dont like anything? What if its not for me? But I must be honest I had thoroughly enjoyed my little treat of a lunch (that I am ever so grateful for).

Straight to the point, Who are Beets'n Roots?

  •  Beets'n roots are a little cafe located on Cotham Hill Bristol that focus on serving fresh and nutritious foods.
  • They serve a variety of things from pancakes and bananas, to scrambled eggs on their brunch menu alone!
  • They can also be considered as a freshly pressed juices and smoothie bar, creating drinks to keep you going through out the day along with giving you a healthy lifestyle.

And so to begin, myself and alice arrived way too early as usual, but I won't apologise for that it is who I am as a clearly over prepared person.. Anyway, we were met with two vibrant freshly pressed juices. One with a mixture of beetroot, apple and lemon and the other with orange and ginger. I must admit never having been a fan of fresh pressed juices these were well out of my comfort zone, but from everyone else's reaction they were the perfect mix of a morning wake me up potion and a feel good drink in a glass. I did attempt one but my complicated taste buds just couldn't deal with the texture which I was pretty gutted about since they just looked so beautiful!

After we'd had a little mingle and a chat with the lovely owner we went ahead and ordered our brunch! I personally opted for the scrambled eggs, garlic roasted tomatoes and spinach accompanied by a spiced flat bread. Its fair to say that this hit the spot, (apart from those little seeds that snuck themselves in) it was quite literally the perfect dish. A magnificent balance of so many strong flavours that somehow married together to create the perfect accompany for those scrambled eggs. I was pretty impressed by the amounts of options considering it was a brunch menu in a small cafe, there were a variety of other dishes that consisted of things such as avocado on sourdough toast covered with cracked black pepper and paprika, and garlic tomatoes. Now if I was a lover of avocado then this would have been another wonderful dish, along with the most perfect portion sizes everything was presented in such a beautifully delicate way. On little wooden boards and glass bowls, it was an Instagram foodie's aesthetically pleasing day out!

I must admit even though I was more than fulfilled with that beautiful scrambled eggs dish I couldnt keep my eyes off their cake selection. Now I didn't manage to grab a photo of it which I'm incredibly sad about, but it was a beautiful vegan chocolate and caramel cake. £3.50 a slice but my gosh every bite if it was worth it, a vegan cake that you quite simply wouldnt know was vegan does it get any better than that?

Now they very kindly gave us a voucher to come back along with a friend, but I sadly didn't have the time to use it before it ran out. But this is somewhere that I would definitely recommend if you're into healthy nutritious goodies, and next time I return possibly I should bring my slightly more adventurous boyfriend!

You can find Beets'N roots HERE