Ah Here I am again delving into the world of beauty and hair care once more, but this time with a spring hair care favourite's that will be featuring some of my existing hair care products and those that I am planning on buying! Whilst transitioning through to different seasons its crucial to look after your hair and in a sense swap your products round to facilitate and cater to your hair care needs in those months.. And spring can be a rather confusing in terms of what type of care you need so I like to make sure that I have a bit of everything on hand to deal with whatever the weather throws at me!

L'Occitane Organic shampoo

Photo credit to; Loccitaine - https://uk.loccitane.com/

#Sponsored - Now the first few products I'd love to mention are actually a whole range and this is a dreamy range of organic Shampoo's by L'Occitane, now L'Occitaine describe that this how you'll feel after using their products.. 'Feel as radiant as the Proven├žal sun! Our natural shampoo products help to restore, nourish and protect your hair. Enriched with natural extracts and essential oils, our formulas are meticulously tested until the result is just right. Repairing, volumising, purifying, our solutions refresh and revitalize hair fibres, no matter what the hair type!'' Now repairing and volumising they say? Yes please I'll take a bit of that! 

One shampoo that has truly caught my eye is the luxury size revitalizing shampoo, this comes in at £26, containing mint, thyme, grapefruit, cedar and lavender.. Now that sounds like a beautiful concoction of scents & along with its beautiful scent it promises that it uses a silicone free formula in order to keep hair fresher for longer. In the busy months of Spring with exams and a lot of blogging events that I have under my belt I could definitely get my hands on something that will make my hair last longer between washes and enable the lazy girl within me to live a life full of comfort and less stressful hair washes! And if you're a great lover of a deep cleanse and a follow up conditioner they also offer a conditioner for £19 to match it!

Schwarzkofp got2b beach matt salt spray

Onto the second spring essential and that is the Schwarzkopf got2b beach matt salt spray  (in other words, a mouthful that I cannot pronounce whilst sober not to mention once I've had a drink.. What a wild party game that would be) Now I picked this up from superdrug here, and I have been so utterly obsessed with this for the past few weeks! Now this product came in at just £4.19 for a 200ml bottle and I am in love! My favourite way to use this has been to spray a little bit into my hands whilst my hair is wet and rub it through my hair following up with a blow-dry in my case one that takes a solid long and gruiling twenty minutes.. I then pop my hair into braids over night to emphasise and make the waves last longer. By using this spray whilst your hair is wet it then creates a bit more of a stiffer hair effect for whilst its dry (So heads up if you hate the way that your hair feels when you come out of the sea then salt sprays may just not be for you).

To then push it that little bit further and give it a bit of life and volume. Once I release the wild wavy main that I call my hair I then spray some of this into my hands and scrunch my hair up to create that extra bit of volume! Now what I really love about this product is that you only need one pump for each side of your hair if that (Heavenly) Which means that you won't be breaking the bank every few weeks.. unless its for some stodgy food then I guess its ALWAYS worth it! The only remark I do have to make is that it may not be perfectly suitable for those with long thick hair due the nature of the natural weight of your hair in general, but if you're hair does have a tendency for a natural bit of bounce or if its quite a medium length and thickness you cannot o wrong with this!

L'Oreal elvive thickening shampoo

Ah and onto the last of my trio of spring hair care favourites and this is the L'Oreal elvive fibrology fine hair thickening shampoo (Oh yes, another mouthfull). Now first of all this product comes in at a glorious £2.99 at boots that you can find here. Now this shampoo I discovered in my first year of university, you know once you start shopping for yourself and enter the world of 'help there are so many shampoo's to choose from'. But anyway I luckily discovered this one and my god it has been my holy grail since then, I've tried to change onto other shampoos just due to this one running out and myself having no time to run to the shop but nothing ever feels the same way as this one does. Now not only does this shampoo leave your hair actually feeling and looking thicker but it almost works as a double to make your hair luxuriously soft and shiny. 

Now I could probably go on all day about this shampoo with the amount of love I have for it but that would most definitely bore you so all that I will say is that I will never recommend anything more to you than this shampoo unless its decaff tea because my god I cannot resist a delicious decaf!

I hope that you've enjoyed this short little post all about my favourite spring hair care essentials, now I don't claim to be a beauty guru but I do claim to never promote anything to you that I haven't or wouldn't buy myself so I hope that you take inspiration from this post and hopefully treat yourself to some hair care essentials too as after all if you love your hair half as much as I do then I can promise you that it's definitely worth it.