The Cuban blogger event. I must admit I'm still not entirely sure as to what the intention of this blogging event was, whether it be  relaunch of their menu or to just share good food, one thing I do know is that it was a night in collaboration with the app Socialight - long story short this app was created to connect businesses with influencers and vise versa! But either way I was excited, having never been to The Cuban before I was very curious to see what good food they sold and what it was all about! And that is what I did..

Before we got anything started we had a chance to mingle and chat with fellow bloggers which was lovely, after introducing ourselves and also having a chat with the owner of socialight (An app that allows influencers to get in contact with brands). and all the chatter was over and everyone had arrived we were treated to a quick cocktail masterclass, being taught all about how they created their uniquely styled drinks. We started off with a classic Mojito, and everyone had a little taster (If only I liked mint, then I think I'm sure I would have found this lovely). As the night unfolded an hour had passed and we were two or three cocktails in deep, and we had an opportunity to speak and ask the lovely manager questions before we were shown over to our table.

Now of course myself and Alice hurried over to this long set out table as we demanded to be sat together, If i recall correctly my exact words were 'if we get separated I will cry, I may be a blogger but I am not always this sociable get me that food' Any guesses that I was feeling a little hangry? that or it was just the cocktails kicking in.. Anyway, we sat down on this beautiful set out table for around twenty of us, that was tactically set out right in front of the stage ready for the live music to start at 8. We again had a chat and took a look at the luxurious menu's, full of starters such as calamari, nachos, crispy cassava chips, and a whole lot more! Now I'm not too much of a seafood girl but my eyes and my belly do somehow instantly get drawn towards the calamari every time I see it on a menu. So of course I had to order that. This described as 'Squid rings are a classic tapas dish. The batter is deliciously light. Served with aioli on the side.' and this came in at £5.95. And oh, did I mention they were kind enough to treat us to the lot! A food update and rating I hear you ask? Well my calamari was beautiful and the portion size was just perfect, I managed to stuff this down in a matter of minutes getting ever more excited for my main!

The mains average at between £15-20 and they offer all kinds of elegant dishes from a trio of pork, rack of lamb, Tacos de carne to a chicken/beef burger. As much as I did want that Lamb shank as the inside blogger in me thought it would look much more appealing for photos *cringe* I did have to follow my heart and go for that Chicken burger. This burger is named the cuban burger and was described as 'One of our house specialties is the 8OZ beef burger patty. With its four sides, it comes with Monterey Jack cheese, a bed of lettuce, tomatoes, gherkins and fresh homemade burger sauce.' And it was delicious! I must say the burger sauce was on a little bit of a spicy side for my taste but never the less it was still great! I feel that maybe the next time I head there I will have to branch out and be a little more adventurous instead of opting for the typical comfort food.

I found that The Cuban had a bit of a mixed vibe, whilst we were eating they had an hour where there was live music. Some of the most beautiful music I've heard in fact, and it instantly created a much more relaxed environment and atmosphere in the place. One gentleman on a guitar and one lady with a microphone and some small wooden instruments. Who knew something so simple could be so wonderful to be a part of. But in between this beautiful hour they would play high tempo'd music, and this would transform the restaurant into a completely different kind of place. Moving on from the calm and serenity to a very lively hustle and bustled restaurant/bar. Now it probably didn't help that there were a group of rowdy lads at the bar singing along 10x louder than anybody else to the music. But even so it was a great environment and buzz either way! 

To round this all off, I had a great evening at The Cuban and so I am very thankful for their kindness of them to offer us a free evening. It truly is a great place even if it does have a slightly confused atmosphere to it. If you're into live music and specifically beautiful cultural and traditional music then this really is the place to be during their live music hour. Even if you just head in for a cocktail of two you won't regret it!