Dedpop London, a rather unique brand. But who are they? Well Dedpop London are an independent brand based in the East of London. They use bold graphic design and illustrations to create beautiful accessories that stand out. These accessories are things such as phone cases and stickers. Ah words can't describe how happy I am about bold stickers and patches coming back into fashion. A blast from the past but with a twist, to create big iconic statements in the words of Dedpop. Now if you love stickers and standing out then you may just need to keep reading.

Now I've been a big fan of the dedpop London brand for a while now but with how hectic life can be it's the same with all things, you make a list of the things you love and plan to make purchases and get things done but you never actually get round to doing it. But finally I made a plan, one of quite a bold path, but I made the big leap in asking this lovely brand If we could work together in some sort of collaboration and they were incredibly generous and sent me a few of their stickers in order to trial them out and share my opinion. *now before we get into detail these stickers were very kindly gifted to me from dedpop themselves, but this is not a sponsored collaboration therefor I have not being paid and my opinions have not been influenced in any shape of form. All views and opinions are my own!*

Now where were we, the store can be found HERE. After waiting for my delivery like an excited puppy waiting for its owners to come home, I ripped the packaging apart like the over excited blogger that I am. What I found were these two luxurious black boxes with the Dedpop logo and some decor on it, now what's better than stickers? God damn stickers in a fancy box. Yep, it's fair to say that the boxes alone had instantly won me over.. I slid these boxes open to find two stickers in each, And I must be honest I was just expecting some beautifully designed illustrations in standard sticker form. Never did I think that I'd be so excited about the materials and how they felt. Dedpop use Faux leather ensuring that no animals are harmed in the process of creating their stickers. But don't be fooled, they aren't just stickers. They are stickers created with so much love, texture and quality.

I was lucky enough to have received four of these stickers the 'love sticker', the 'dreamers sticker', the 'five dollar shake sticker' & the 'exclamation sticker'. It was fair to say that I may have squealed to myself when I opened the boxes and saw all of these. I had been utterly spoiled & i instantly could not wait to photograph and share my love of these stickers with the world. And that is what I have done, if the photos don't explain themselves then just know that these are the best quality stickers I've come across and definitely scream luxury coming in between £10-15.

But I do definitely think that's worth it especially for their limited edition products, and the fact that one is currently sat nicely on the back of my phone case and can assure is not coming off anytime soon. I am one very satisfied customer and cannot recommend these more if you have a stand out quirky personality. If you love to make a statement, Dedpop is definitely the one for you.

*Thank you again to Dedpop*