Well, I am back. My gosh it feels like its been forever since I last blogged, and to be completely honest it has been.. last blog was last year! (Oh yes, I made the new year joke.. Shame, shame, shame). But anyway, I am back and to be quite honest I'm feeling better than ever, you know apart from the weight of exams that have been dragging me down the past month or so. But I really have that cliche feeling that 2018 is going to be a good one. I feel motivated, refreshed & ready for life. Although this is only going to be a very short post here I am, sat here getting ready to tell those of you that might be slightly interested what goals I am ready to smash this year!

And so another year begins, a fresh start and a clean slate..to completely destroy with disappointment. No no, I'm joking. I actually for the first year in quite a few have made some 'New years resolutions'. And not just those that people make that they only stick to for about a month then completely give up, like to give up wine, stop eating chocolate. You know, the usual. I have many goals that are quite essential to my future. Now unless you know me you won't really understand or essentially even know my dreams in regards to photography. Although I am in university, studying a subject that I love. I really do truly dream of being a photography. No matter how hard I try to be an academic I just cannot hold back the creative side within. And that is why 2018 holds two main goals, and that is where goal number one comes into play. 

Step up my photography game..

Now goal one is quite an important one to me, I received a new camera from my amazing family as a Christmas gift. One that I've been waiting for since my last camera that I had and loved for five years got murdered by a wave in Rhodes (Long story short, water got into my camera, my camera decided to say goodnight, and yeah I cried A LOT) But now that I have my new beauty that is the Canon EOS 700D I am ready to get back into my strong photography game. Having been to Edinburgh during the holiday's I've had the chance to have a little mess around with it, but now I really would love to go more into professional product photography and portrait photography. And so 2018 is the year of the camera. The year I actually get off my butt, go on spontaneous little trips, just me, my camera (and my boyfriend because he's my model and doesn't really get a say in the matter) But this year, is the year I get myself out there. Get myself heard, and get my photo's seen.

Be a more spontaneous me..

If you knew me a year ago, you would know that I've finally began to come out of my shell. I've gone from being a person that was too shy to sit in the kitchen of mine/my boyfriends house as I was too scared that somebody would walk downstairs and I'd actually have to hold a conversation by myself.. I've gone from being that girl, to a girl that actually gets a bit of excitement and a thrill if you wish from meeting new people. I already am throwing myself into new things, but I want that to continue in 2018. I want to be able to push myself to go to a blogging event by myself, or organise meeting up with friends that I haven't seen in a while. I want to keep growing as a person, growing out of my anxieties of socialising. I want to be a better, spontaneous & braver me. 

Yes I'm a bit late to the party, and yes I understand that I don't have the two most thrilling aims for this year. But to me they are big, they are scary, and they are important. 2018 is the year of me.