Now I've never really been one to pamper myself and spend much time on the little things such as nice nails and nice hair, between university and life I've just never felt that I have the money or time to do so. Now they could just be excuses, simply because I've never quite realised just how easy it is to do so. But since I discovered these imPRESS nails things are definitely going to change. A few weeks ago I was kindly gifted three sets of nails by imPress through Alex silver PR, I'm currently onto my second set and I absolutely love them!

First of all a little information on the nails, they're retailed in stores such as boots, superdrug and of course their site HERE from between £5-£9, and are described as being strong glue free nails (which spoiler alert I will happy vouch for!) In a single pack you receive 30 nails, a prep pad, mini nail file and a manicure stick. Everything you need for a little at home pamper session. The three designs that I received were called, flash mob, shimmer and next wave. And although pink has never been a favourite colour of mine it has really grown on me and has me head over heels with how in love I am with how girly I feel! 

imPRESS describe the new range of nails as having a comfortable and secure fit, and with the variation of sizes that are available in a pack there will definitely be sizes suitable for everyone! One thing I really love about these nails is that there's no messing around with dodgy glue that leaks everywhere you don't it want to, that dries up after a day or just simply gets lost among the clutter of life. Its just a simple straight forward process of pulling off a plastic tab and pressing them on. Also, lets just take a moment to appreciate false nails in general for the incredible fact that you don't have to wait for them to dry, anywhere and anytime you can transform your nails into a full glam look.

There will be a little demonstration of how to apply these nails up on my youtube channel in a few days but if you want to know just how easy they are to apply then you just have to follow these easy steps;

1. Use the manicure stick to push away any excess skin and cuticles.

2. Size the nails up against your own ready for application, using the numbers located underneath the top of the nails with 1 representing the largest and 11 the smallest.

3. Remove the plastic tab and press onto your nails beginning with the middle and moving onto the outer edges.

And yes, that is it. Impressive right? Now I definitely understand that this post could look biased due to the fact that they have been gifted, but honestly I love them. Even when I have one set on my nails all I'm thinking about is the next set I can be putting on.

From experience so far these nails last perfectly for around 4 days, I've never had an issue with them completely falling off but naturally after a few days they do start to loosen up and lose their strength. But just to emphasise the strength of them, the day after I put my first set on myself and my love decided to venture to a nature reserve where to get to the picturesque views you had to climb up the side of a mountain, and boy was that a challenge. But they didn't move an inch, so imPRESS manicure definitely have my vote!

Have you tried imPRESS manicure sets yet?