London, I feel that it's a little bit like Marmite. You either love the buzz, or its a hot overwhelming mess that you cannot wait to get out of. Yep, can you guess which one I am? I must admit I've always struggled with London, the often overcrowded street s have always left me feeling sum-what suffocated. But even though this is always the feeling I am overwhelmed with when I visit, I am always pushing myself to go back.

When you think of this city, you think of overcrowded streets and a lively atmosphere. Which for most people is the ideal situation and most certainly what draws so many tourists in, but it has to be said that its not always going to everyone's cup of tea. Especially not mine. But this is the beauty of this place, the more you visit, the more you unveil about the cities streets. Behind the hustle and bustle of the main strip, you find wide roads with big beautiful white houses. 'The ideal bloggers dream' is probably the best description for it. But hidden amongst these tall houses almost like sky scrapers next to my 5ft 4' build, you find beautiful little florists and large green gardens hidden with a secret gate. Now that may just be because most of them are resident only parks, but its still magical nevertheless.

Filled with blossom tree's and the most beautiful flowers you begin to see a new side to the city, as if its something that's been hidden from the world. The streets are quiet, and you experience the first and only moment of silence you will when in London. It makes you want to continue to explore, although the houses are uniformly built with the same structures there something so unique and different about each of them. With the large colouful doors and the grande staircases leading up to the entrances its no wonder this city is the most expensive in the UK. It may not be somewhere that I would ever want to live but damn its somewhere I want to experience, and you can quote me on that and the fact that you would not have caught those words coming out of my mouth a few yeas ago.

But now I'm ready, ready to explore and ready to find more. More picturesque secret streets, and new houses to look at in complete awe. London i a city that will never be complete, that will never stop presenting new surprises and wonders to the world. The only thing that I secretly hope is that nobody discovers these beautiful hidden wonders.