Here it is, the post I have been dying to write since I first received this event invite around three weeks ago. The canon launch event that is, I am still to this very moment in disbelief of how incredibly fortunate and lucky I am to having been invited to this event as canon and photography have been my forever passion! I was kindly invited up to the EL&N cafe for the launch of the new Zoemini C/S series, and of course I had to bring along Alice as a +1 to share the experience!

Upon arrival I was very kindly gifted one of the Zoemini C camera's that don't actually launch for another 2 weeks, to give us the opportunity to have a play around and test them out and of course take them home! Now before I get into this post and chat about the cameras in more detail I just want to give a shout out to Canon for first of all inviting me and being so damn generous and for putting on such an incredible event. I truly am so so thankful for the opportunities that I gain through blogging and still in utter shock that I received this invite as i am a day to day user of canon products and is just one of my biggest passions in life.

Anyway lets get into it, upon arrival we received the cameras and were so kindly shown around the place, at first glance we saw nail bars, make up stands, a portrait shoot set up and some beautiful fruit juices in beautifully decorated glasses. So of course, we headed straight for that nail bar and had a little time to chat and get to know a few of the WAH nails team. With six beautiful camera related designs to choose from we were truly spoilt for choice, but of course I was way too busy being over excited and didn't manage to snap a photo of my freshly painted nails but you should 100% go and check them out! We then headed to the portrait shoot room where Alice had a few portrait shots taken by a professional photographer, it's always quite gutting when you go to an event or somewhere beautiful and dress up to then forget to take any nice photos so I thought that a professional photographer ready to shoot some portraits was a really nice touch.

We next journeyed down to the bottom floor, to our delight it was filled with all the camera's of dreams! From the Canon G7X to the camera of MY dreams the Canon 5D mark lV. We were fortunate enough to gain the opportunity to have a play around of these cameras which was incredible, until I fell in love with my ideal camera even more than I already was and let me just tell you this is not a good thing as I have to say this set up is just a little too far out of my price range for the time being.. One day, one day!

The marketing team were on hand to answer any questions we had about the cameras, and were truly great and incredibly lovely! They showed a really great interest in our loves, passions and questions and it was just a true honor to be able to chat to the individuals that work first hand with creating and sharing these beautiful pieces of kit. But more about this launch..

Launch of the Zoemini C and S

Arriving in just under two weeks, this series of cameras are designed to be lightweight cameras that can be used on the go for that beautiful snap of the scenery around you to the perfect selfie! Designed with a little mirror in the fronts they give you the opportunity of seeing what you're capturing like other instant camera's may not. Now these aren't just another printer or another camera, but the first generation of camera's that do both. Using an app on your phone you can choose to print them out instantly using the sticky back printing paper or have them sent to your phones or tablet.

The zoemini C, this model is available in four different colours including bubble gum pink, bumble bee yellow, mint green and seaside blue. Shooting in 5 megapixels, it provides an easy on the go way to capture that perfect selfie or those special moments. With its lightweight and sleek design it's perfect to fit into a small bag or to just have on you without the need to drag a big heavy camera around.

This model comes with a small selfie mirror at the front enabling you see exactly what you're capturing which is a small touch that I truly love! Without complicating things with an extra screen the small mirror is the perfect addition to this camera that can truly make the world of difference.

The Zoemini S, if you want to step up your photo game even more the Zoemini S is the next step up. With a ring light and a built in mirror what more do you need? Apart from the ability to remote shutter shoot of course! This model shoots at 8 Mega pixels and again has a small light weight body perfect for capturing images on the go!

All in all I think these new cameras are a game changer, when you're not in the mood to carry your dslr around or want a step up from a standard phone capture I feel that these camera's are the perfect way to do so! In terms of quality they are only 5 and 8 mega pixels so if you are looking for incredibly clear and crisp photos these won't be the ones for you, but that's the art and uniqueness of an instant camera. Beautiful memories captured and collected there and then! An all around round up, I love it and cant wait to shoot many more ventures with this handy little piece of kit!