Ah the boat of dreams, I must admit not quite the titanic but if you're a lover of Rosé or Gin then this little boat would come pretty close. I was fortunately invited on a little boat cruise last week in Bristol as part of one of Foozie UK's events, and I couldn't have been more excited about it. It's a little known fact that I am a great lover of boats, now I'm not 'boat spotter' but I get way more excited about heading out on a rustic little boat than most twenty or so year old's.. and when mixed with some beautiful gin drinks it was just a complete dream. 
So the boat cruise, this sadly only comes around with four trips per year between June and July and so considering I was giving this opportunity I'm still feeling pretty damn honoured. The idea behind this little cruise was to honour the 90's Rosie and Jim children's programme, a programme that if you're a late 90's kid like me you would have grown up around! When I realised this was the idea behind this cruise I was instantly sold, nostalgia at its finest. The tickets cost the public £29.50 and this includes a beautiful two hour round trip of The Harbour side under the beautiful Bristolian sunset, along with the breath taking scenic views you receive three drinks as part of the ticket. A choice from a beautiful 6 drink menu in collaboration with The Dry Gin Company, now I can't say that I am much of a rose kinda gal so its safe to say that I stuck with the gin.

A quick run through of the night, I have to admit I felt like I had won the lottery with some VIP tickets.. Myself, my +1 and another influencer's plus one were picked up at the first location around 'under the stars'. We were greeted by the lovely Mark that welcomed us with a great big smile allowing us to introduce ourselves and receive out little drinks tokens! This gave us an incredible opportunity to get the drinks in and have a little walk round taking in the views, of course we all stole the outside seats before anybody else had the chance to get on. We were lucky enough to have the most beautiful night, 18 degrees and not a cloud in the sky it truly was one perfect night. 

Soon after setting off on our ventures we arrived at a pick up location and another 22 people got on, I was surprised to finally see a company sticking to a good amount of numbers. Most of the time you get to an event and its over crowded and loud, leaving you feeling a little underwhelmed and with less of an opportunity to experience it at its best. But I really feel that they had the most perfect amount of people on this small little characterful ferry boat. With the night well underway I treated myself to one or two gins, one mixture that I actually had never tried before. Rose lemonade, gin and peppercorns.. Yes I know what you're thinking, peppercorns are a mighty strange combination with gin but somehow It actually worked creating a new concoction of beautiful flavours. 

After watching the sunset and riding the ever so small waves around the harbour we headed back towards the docking area where the night was sadly over and all we had were memories (oh yes, I am this dramatic and upset that this night had ended to quickly) All I have to say is please take a look at their website and their events because if I've been to an event at this high of a standard I cannot explain my excitement for their other events and I cannot wait to hopefully get myself in on some more! Thank you to socialight for this opportunity and to Foozie UK for being such great hosts, with friendly faces and a great sense of humour. You truly know how to make your guests welcome.