Getting a new camera is always a bit of a complicated ordeal, especially when the camera is a large investment and especially when you're switching between brands for the first time. Back in the summer last year I sadly lost my beloved Nikon D5100 to a wave in Rhodes and I was absolutely heartbroken, but I took this as an opportunity to finally make the switch to canon. Now don't get me wrong Nikon was incredible, but whenever I follow photography accounts or just have a look at peoples work in general they'd always seem to have a Canon so I jumped and made the switch, and in fact haven't looked back since.

Now the second dilemma after buying the body is which lenses to go with it, now usually you receive the basic lens with the bosy usually a standard 18-55mm which is great for a beginner but when you want to step that phtography up a little bit you have to go a little bit bigger. Well I say a little bit but yes 55mm - 250mm the telescopic lens that a nature and events photographer needs, along with the 50mm portrait lens that well, every portrait photographer needs.

Now I've been testing these lenses out now for a good two months and on many ventures between Cardiff and Bristol, and with one of my close pals in Bristol being a blogger and my boyfriend needed shots of his product and stock photos of himself for liked in profiles and so on and on, its fair to say that I have had a good use of them already! So the 50mm portrait lens, or so I call it the lens of dreams. This as it explains is a 50mm, and so it doesn't allow you to zoom in closer or out further at all which is something that I found quite difficult at first to get used to. But that's something that can be overcome the more you use it, because it really is worth it when you get used to it. Its small compact size allows for it to be carried around easily so that it is always there when you're in need of a quick lens switch. With crisp and clear focus but a blurred background to the subject this makes for the perfect lens when you're in need of a small dainty product photo or some general portrait photos really allowing you to grasp some depth on the focus subject! The only downside I have about this lens is that it can be pretty noise (sounding like a 3D printer at times, i know pretty specific.. but when your boyfriends a product designer its all you hear) Along with the noise it does take a while to focus on the subject whilst on an automatic setting, but if you can get over that then its definitely worth looking into especially if you're more of a manual focus kinda gal/guy like myself.

Here are a few of my shots from the past two months whilst using the 50mm lens;

Now the 55-250mm lens is something a lot different, this allows you to have a lot of freedom around how close or how far away from the subject you want to be. With a 250mm stretch lens it allows you to capture subjects that's a standard lens couldn't. Keeping the full amount of detail and crisp quality as the above 50mm lens. I think this lens is more suited to nature and events photography, a long lens for capturing animals in their natural habitats that are easily scared, or a wedding so that there's no need to be too up close allowing you to capture a more natural scenario. This lens has a stabilizer that is optional to use along with the choice of manual or automatic shooting. I feel that this lens is pretty fast at focusing on on a subject and has a quiet lens turn mechanism allowing you to keep the noise to the minimum except for the actual capture noise. Now I would recommend this lens mainly for those that love capturing natural scenes including animals and individuals at events, This is definitely one of my favorite lenses that I've ever owned out with such a long distance you're able capture things not even a human eye can sometimes see, and that to me is pretty damn incredible.

Here are a few photos captured on the 55-250mm lens below;

Now I'm not yet a full camera lens wizz nor a know it all about shooting speed and all of the complicated things All I know is that when a camera lens is good and works for me then I will share it with the world! So if either of these little descriptions help you in any way on the route to choosing your lens then that's me made a happy lady! If you'd like to see more of my photography bits and bobs I can be found on instagram @beckyyelenn HERE.