The two ultimate night out must haves. When getting ready for a party or a night out the process of doing your make up can be either the highlight of your pre's get ready session  or the death of it. Yep I know what you're thinking, sounds like an over reaction but if you love make up then you love makeup.. and don't even get me started on those eyeliner flicks. But the make up can either make or break you, that is why its important to have a special go-to lip product and eye palette to fall back on. If all else goes wrong you can save it all by creating  a dramatic eye look or a bold lip (Well it'll certainly distract them from the rest of your face anyway).
Now I have to mention that I recently received these for my birthday off a friend that is ultimate goals, so lets just get into it and talk about the dreamy Morphe palette. So this palette is the 15N night master palette, now I would say its quite obvious by the name of it that there are fifteen shades but yeah I still had to count because I'm clearly too tired whilst writing this. But its composed of fifteen shades, 9 matte and 6 shimmers (Dreamy shimmers). They are described by Morphe as the 'night time stunners that are here to slay', and yes I am backing that up 100%. The formula's of Morphe palettes are most definitely my favourite eye shadows to ever exist, with the shimmers being light and creamy but the mattes being incredibly pigmented but easy to blend. 

With this palette there are such a range of different shades moving from light warm tones (oranges/browns) all the way to the dark purple shimmer shade 'scene' and the deep Merlott shade 'cliche'. This allowing you to create subtle spring/summer daytime looks that you can instantly transform into a night time beauty just by adding a touch of shimmer and a blend of darkness in the crease.

Onto the lips, probably the most underrated part of the face in regards to make up looks. Yes you can have the most beautiful eye shadow and the most perfect eyeliner flick, so sharp it could kill. But if you have a bare lip it can sometimes leave it looking unfinished, the same way as an unfilled eyebrow does. Now this lip product is the make up geek 'plush matte lip matte', in the shade URBANISTA. You can grab this off of the good old faithful beauty bay for £9.50 when not on sale, and if I were you then I would. This is described by beauty bay as a cross between a mousse and a cream. And that it is, Its formula is rich and creamy leaving your lips feeling hydrated. And what I do love about this is usually when you try a hydrating lip product they can be quite low in pigmentation but this one doesn't miss a trick. 

Beauty bay offer these lip products in 15 different shades, ranging from nude pinks, dark purples to a stand out 'wild child' vibrant blue. With this range of lipsticks you have such a wide choice of how you want to look depending on how you're feeling. I feel that this palette and this lip product are a match made in heaven. With heavenly dark red/purple matte shades in the palette leading to a dark shimmer purple in the crease I feel like these two assets would be enough to pull off a killer bad ass look on any night out (that is until you've had a little too much drink and are crying because you miss your dog, next thing you know your eyelids aren't the only place your eye shadow is blending onto).

I hope that you've enjoyed this little beauty segment for my blog if you'd like to see some looks created with this palette please do let me know, and as usual thank you for reading!

Until next time,
Rebeca Elen.