Ah home comforts. we all have them, and they are all different. Whether it be a teddy bear, your favourite mug that you MUST drink your tea out of or even your hair straighteners. Home comforts are things that can be so simple but make being away from home a hell of a lot easier. And that is what today's post is all about, the smallest home comforts that truly make a difference to me. This post is in collaboration with Pretty Ventura and Bliss prints, where they very so kindly gifted me the next few items. Now if mugs, pretty cushions and sassy prints excite you then keep on reading!

'Now before I get into this post, for this I have been gifted these items but is not sponsored therefor I have not been paid and my views and opinions are all of my own and haven't been influenced in any way'

But lets get into it! If you're anything like me and a great lover of  good cup of tea (decaf, stupid migraines) then you'll understand the whole thing of a great mug makes a great cuppa. It has to be the perfect size, the perfect depth & of course large enough to fit in all of that luxurious tea. Now this mug is my personal new favourite, being away from home and at university admittedly I cannot afford the finer things in life therefor I do not have one matching set of mugs/cups/plates etc. Instead I have a whole selection of different patterned, shapes and sized mugs. But its nice, its quirky and it means that you can change it up every time you have a cup of tea. But this mug is my first mug with a quote on it, this one stating 'good vibes only' and trust me when Becky's got tea in her hand it definitely is a good vibes only zone. Now this mug is a basic mug shape but of really good quality with this quote printed on both sides making it perfect whether you're right or left handed. (If you're a mug lover you'll totally get where I'm coming from..) Now if you love this item as much as me then that can be found here. You can pick up the standard 11oz mug for £10 and the 15oz one for £13.50 and considering the quality I think that's definitely a fair deal!

The second thing I received from pretty ventura was this beautiful cushion stating 'in love with life' and you know apart from exams and revision, and being slightly poor because I'm a student I really am loving life so I thought this cushion really was fitting! Now onto the quality, I was actually incredibly impressed by the quality of this, often you receive a cushion from a store and it has the cheapest type of pillow inside that clumps up and basically falls flat as soon as your sleepy little head falls on it. But this really isn't that, this pillow is full of bounce and is actually quite thick and can guarantee that I've been using it not only for decoration and blog photos! This can be found here, at a price of £19.50 which can sometimes seem a little pricey for a cushion but I guarantee you're paying for the great quality (disclaimer; I would never recommend anything that I wouldn't buy myself, so you're in safe hands with my recommendations).

Now now onto bliss prints, I reached out to bliss prints because I am absolutely in love with wall prints and wanted to work with this little business so I was thrilled to hear back. & after looking through their site that can be found here. I found what is quite possibly the most amazing print to sum up myself and my boyfriend and so I just had to get it. This one states, 'Behind every great man, is a woman rolling her eyes' and my god they're right. I have such a habbit of rolling my eyes without realising that its actually become a running joke in our relationship and so I saw this and put two and two together. Great man + girl who rolls her eyes WAY too much = gotta get this damn print! And so I did, and so I love it! This can be found on their site as many of them can for the very small price of just £3.50. Which honestly you cannot go wrong with!

The second print I received again just completely sums up my personality, because honestly I am 90% hot tea. This print was just cute, with the font and that little graphic of a mug of tea it just wins at the wall prints life. In terms of quality all these prints come on card and can be bought in the sizes A4 and again can be bought for just £3.50. To say the least I will definitely be buying some more prints from this lovely little run business!

I'd love to get to know a bit more about what You see as your home comforts? Now matter how big or how small its always incredible seeing just how much meaning an item can have. And when moving away such as going to university its crucial to bring along these things to not only bring comfort but to pretty much keep our sanity! Moving away can be a hard prospect and so help yourself by taking the simple things with you, & always support a small independent business whilst you're at it!

Thank you for reading, 
until next time. Rebeca Elen