If you're as new to the concept of natural skin care as I am, then this might just be the blog post for you. I am here to share my experience of using one of the newly launched Wild source apothecary products with you. So if you're suffering with some tired and dry skin over these next few winter months you may want to read more about this, giving you an insight into what its all about and where you can get your hands on it.

Who are they?

Wild source apothecary is a newly launched natural skincare company, based within the heart of Bristol. They are a small batched company, working hard to create magical animal cruelty free and vegan friendly products. They describe their products as 'Combining the power of botanical, raw ingredients and the potency of organic essential oils, products are about skincare that's as close to nature as possible'. They create a vast amount of products that range from this miracle skin oil to radiance masks and can be found HERE

Now I've been following this company since before the launch but was sadly unable to attend their launch event, so I was thrilled to get the chance to be so kindly sent a product to test out and give a little review on! *before I get started I have not been paid to write this review and all thoughts noted are those of my honest opinion*.

If you haven't already guessed by now the product I was sent was the Miracle skin oil, now this oil is sold in a 50ml glass bottle with a pipette typed applicator (which admittedly for me is one of the most exciting aspects of this product, since I've never owned anything like this before!) This product is made of 100% natural organic ingredients, which is clearly a winner over chemicals you've never heard of and can hardly pronounce being  spread across your face. Naturally when I opened the package I was straight in there to take a sniff of the product, having high hopes it did NOT disappoint. Rose hip & Thistle. Two ingredients I've never heard of before.. But the only words I feel that can do this scent justice to describe it is as floral, cultural and traditional. One of those scents that you smell and instantly feel like you haven't a worry in the world.

They instruct that you should apply 2-3 drops to your hands and massage it into your face and down towards your neck. But one thing I found is that this totally depends on what kind of skin type you have, for someone that has dry or even combo'd skin the 2-3 drops is perfect. (Maybe four for your boyfriend's that want to steal some to moisturise their beards.. which works a treat by the way.) Anyway, as I was saying. If you are someone that deals with oily skin like myself I would really recommend either using only one drop or using this if you are having a dry skin crisis (Which essentially this is for, but when it smells so good you can't resist going through more than recommended).

Now I'm terrible at taking my make up off before bed, But when I choose to use this it makes me slightly excited to actually take it off since it leaves you waking up with the softest and most moisturised skin you could imagine. (No exaggeration) I know, feeling fresh isn't always easy in the morning but this is why I have found this product so magical. Giving me the feeling of excitement to take a look and feel my skin in the morning. (Which definitely is a new experience for myself) Thank you again to Wild source apothecary for so kindly sending this product, I hope that this may have helped you in our search or just simply your interest in skincare.