In this post I am here to talk to you all about a candle, but not just a candle.. a  Chelseacandleco candle.. (Now you'd be lying if the Marks & Spencer catchphrase didn't come into your mind, now I'm sorry its no M&S product but trust me its pretty damn close). Admittedly I'm slightly excited, well I say slightly but I am very excited... Now I've never really been one for getting enthusiastic and excited about little home furnishings, that was until I moved to university... And whilst moving away from home I realised that finding anything that makes your new room even just that little bit cosier can make the world of difference. Anything from a cosy bed throw, all the way down to yes.. a candle. 

So who are Chelsea candle?

They are a small batched candle company that are based within Kent, they offer a range of the most beautiful candles and diffusers. Created using the finest soy wax with the glass holder created to be 100% recyclable (Which come on, for any eco lovers out there this is a win in itself). They offer candles with scents ranging from cinnamon to honeysuckle and jasmine. I first discovered these candles whilst attending A Scarlot London event, in fact in London. This is where we were all kindly gifted a candle each, and my god I fell in love. A candle that you can smell through a bag whilst unlit? You know it's going to be a good'n. And yes it was, and I promised myself that I would burn through my first cranberry scented candle before going on to buy my second.. But no, I gave in and I partly blame this on my boyfriend. 

I was just going about my day doing some research around this little company for my first blog post surrounding the first candle that you can read HERE.. (Cheeky little plug). Anyway, I was going about my day looking through their site and my eyes lit up as I saw 'freshly cut grass'. Now if you're anything like us then my god you will understand the great obsession with the smell of freshly cut grass.. but ever since that day this candle had been constantly on my mind. And yes this is the part where I blame my boyfriend comes in.. He happened to mention it whilst I was having one of my 'spend now, worry later' kind of days and I did it. I gave in, and I purchased a mini freshly cut grass scented candle.

Needless to say I was like a little puppy waiting at my window every morning for the post man to arrive with my package, but knowing my luck I just knew it'd end up arriving at my uni house the one weekend I decide to go home and visit my family. And that it did. But this wait did nothing but just make the experience better.

So this candle came in at £5.95 as do all of the scented mini candles on their site, with a delivery fee of around £2.99 please don't quote me on that though. It arrived in a plain white box filled with bubble wrap, which come on just makes un-packaging items ten times more exciting. I pulled away the bubble wrap to reveal the simplest (but no doubt the cutest) little brown box that held the well anticipated candle. They had also so kindly included a little ginger biscuit tea light which is delightful to say the least. If you're looking for a scent that screams Christmas? Then I may have just found it for you! 

Admittedly the scent of fresh grass should scream summer, but it's perfectly suited for these cold Autumn frost filled nights. The scent is very refreshing, and yes.. It actually smells like freshly cut grass ah! But it still retains that charm of being a cosy little candle that makes you feel truly at home. Described by Chelsea candle as 'A natural vibrant green aroma of fresh rich grass'. These candles burn for up to 15 hours and are described as being a perfect fit for small to medium sized rooms. But from my personal experience I have to say that they're perfectly effective within a larger sized room too. Basically, all that I feel needs to be said is that it takes me a lot to become interested in basic things such as a candle, but this company has done it and have successfully created the most interestingly beautiful scents I have ever come across. I could not recommend their candles anymore.

(This post is not sponsored, I was not sent this candle nor asked to write about my purchase. It was purchased with my own money and all views are 100% honest and that of my own)