If you're anything like me then I'm sure you have one or two personal 'happy places'. A happy place? Basically where you go to find that sense of escape. That simple little place to think, possibly to have a few minutes or even hours to yourself. Most peoples happy place's are usually the beach, or a little park. In my case, the gardens of a grand old historian mansion. The official name of these gardens is Insole court, now not many people actually know of these gardens. That there is my favorite part about it as I know that when visit it will usually be just me and one or two dog walkers, and come on who doesn't love dogs?

Now if you thought I wasn't going to drop a boring bit of history in here then you were so so wrong, but I'll keep all of this boring stuff short I promise! So as far as I know this Gothic mansion was built in 1855, having been home to three generations of the Insole family from 1856 to 1938. But in 2010 this beautifully historic property and all of its land was converted into a visitor centre allowing access for the public. Okay so I know that you're curious now of what it looks look so here it is..

I must say who ever has the job of head gardener is doing it right, there are around four individual mesmerizing little gardens scattered around as part of the mansions land. Each filled with unique beautiful flowers with every season displaying a different variety of flowers every colour you could ever imagine. Not to mention the impressively tall tree's that must have been there for hundreds of years.

Yet there's something eerie about that place, every time I'm alone in that place I think of all that history. So many questions, What were the family like? What was life like back then? Was this a happy home? A happy family? Uuuhhh yes apparently I'm that deep, But somewhere so old yet so preserved such as this has to make you think doesn't it.

But all in all its still an unimaginably enchanted place, and I am proud to call it my little happy place, so that's it, that's my happy place. Thank you for reading my loves xo