Nature; Who doesn't love it? certainly not me. There's something so calming and refreshing about being out in the middle of nowhere surrounded by beautiful landscapes, especially when there are beautiful creatures involved. Unless you're not an insect kind of person, in that case.. you're strange. No no I'm joking of course, everybody has their likes and dislikes and that's totally okay! Anyway, the other day I visited this beautiful nature reserve owned by the RSPB called Newport Wetlands, in fact this was my second time visiting this location because it's so damn beautiful.

 The RSPB are basically groups spread across Britain and so on, that aim to create spaces for birds and insects that are vulnerable to be able to live safely without being under threat. They mainly focus on those species that are endangered, but give an equal opportunity of protection to those birds that are not endangered etc etc. They work very hard to preserve beautiful wildlife across the globe, can you think of anything more amazing?

Now to give you a better idea of what this magical place holds here are some of my favourite photo's taken from the other day (credit to my boyfriend for a few of them). 

This nature reserve is full of many walking paths that can go on for many hours if you have enough time, firstly along the coast then making its way into mysterious wooded areas. If you're into photography like me then its such a magical place to take photo's, making such a variety of shots available. Me and my boyfriend had our camera’s out and were practically stopping every two minutes just to take photos of things. (we couldn’t help ourselves hehe)

Now I’m really lucky with where I live, around 20 minutes from the city centre but a five minute car journey and I’m basically in the country side, I feel that being at one with nature sometimes is really important and that’s why I’m so so thankful of where I’ve been brought up. Spending most school holidays driving around the Brecon Beacons or climbing mountains (sounds geeky I know, but I enjoyed it). Now not just to take in the natural beauty of what is our earth but to have some time to clear our own minds. And that’s why this is a perfect spot to possibly do this, or any destination like this. With beautiful benches perched upon the cliffs of the coast line as a perfect little look out spot, now I don’t know about you but I could for sure sit there for hours just watching the tide roll in and out. 

Thank you for taking time to read this if you did hehe, have a lovely day! xo