Back in July 2015,  I visited Barcelona with some friends for our end of sixth form holiday. Yes i know, not the usual Zante/Ibiza but it was most definitely worth it. First of all the city surprised us simply by the stunning views, as these following pictures were the view from the ninth floor of our hotel. We stayed here for 7 nights in The Hotel Barcelona princess in Sant Marti, which btw I would totally recommend. Beautiful views and just a five minute walk from the beach, what more do you want?

So during our first day there we just spent most of relaxing, using the pool and just having a little wander. Even just stepping outside the hotel lobby you realise just how much of a historic and beautiful city this is, and to be completely honest you wouldn’t believe how cheap the alcohol is out there! The next day we all ventured out to take a look at a few of the museums including the design museum of Barcelona. This is what should have just been a twenty minute walk down one straight road, yet it took us over an hour. I guess that’s what happens when you put the boys in charge of directions, sorry guys.

The next day our group split into two some visiting the aquariums, and a few of us deciding to take a look at what the Montjuic cable cars were all about. Now these cost around 10 euros each and takes around a ten minute journey up the side of the mountains. Although I’m pretty terrified of heights I did somehow manage to make it to the top, and boy was it worth it. If you’re scared of heights and thinking of visiting this maybe I wouldn’t recommend the cable car journey so much for you, but if you’re able to push yourself to do it then PLEASE do. What an incredible sight you’re greeted with once reaching the top!

Once you reach the top you are greeted with these beautiful castle grounds overlooking the coast on one side..

And the beautiful busy city on the other..

The night life in Barcelona is great for pretty much anybody, with little bars on the beach to huge night clubs just a five minute taxi ride from our hotel. We tended to stick with just one night club which was the Razmatazz night club. This night club was advertised by the holiday reps as the mystery destination club, we got our little stamps which passed as the tickets that stated ‘I’m hot’, and hopped onto a bus which took us to the club. Yes, I get that it doesn’t sound like the safest thing in the world but I made it back alive, thank god.

Now if you’ve ever been to Barcelona you would know that they have one of the coolest food markets I’ve personally ever seen. They pretty much sold everything from smoothies to all kinds of fish, although not together let’s be honest that would not be a great combo. All I can say is I wish I had more time there to explore more things, as this city is is absolutely beautiful not to mention how big it actually is. With one of the biggest coastlines of beach after beach after beach, definitely worth a visit.

But then best part of all, how could you forget this beautiful sunset to end your perfect day?

I've pretty much realised I'll be making another blog post for Barcelona since i have so so much more to show you all,  but thanks for reading my love's xo