Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Here I am, back again with maybe my second or third favourites posts. But I am admittedly having a bit of writers block at the moment as well as trying to think of more creative ideas to plan for. So I thought this would be a cute little post just to showcase off some of my favourite little bits and bobs of the summer so far. (well I say so far as August is practically over). But more than just a little bit of writers block, I'm dedicating this little light-hearted post to all us beauty, lifestyle & fashion bloggers. To all of us little bloggers that work our absolute butts off writing these little posts for ourselves and for other blog lovers that may or may not even be interested in them. But nevertheless we still continue writing them, as a little project to ourselves. Here's to the little bloggers..

Why i started blogging

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

As bloggers whether it be big or small, we all have our reasons behind the start of our blogs. Some may say its their little happy safe environment, some blog as a way to get their mental health worries out of their head and on some form of document, they may have passions (beauty, lifestyle & fashion) that they just cannot keep to themselves, or just in general find themselves to be a little bit of an introvert. For myself its all of the above, and this little post is all about why I started my blog and how stepping out of my social comfort zone has changed me as a person..

Domain & updates

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

I DID IT! I finally made the big jump (or little to most other bloggers) of getting my own domain. I've been considering doing this for a good few months now, but always had that fear that my blog just wasn't good enough. I did the typical blogger mistake of comparing myself with others, I concentrated so much on the amount of views & comments that I had completely lost motivation. It made me feel like I wasn't worthy of writing because it wasn't up to a certain 'blogger standard'. But oh boy was I wrong, and today's post is a little about my experience of getting my very own domain, how to do it, and hopefully to convince those of you that are on the fence of doing so to go for it..

Write love parcel- Becoming a rep & Review

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Write love parcel. One of the cutest idea's I've come across on my blogging journey so far. A blogger and stationery lovers dream. Now the company itself is not to do with blogging, but as you may have guessed.. stationery. I've been given the amazing opportunity to be a REP for their little company. And so included in this post will be my short journey of becoming a rep, an honest review and a chance to get your hands on a discount code for their monthly box subscription..


Tuesday, 8 August 2017

From what I can recall I don't think I've yet dived into the world of reflection posts before, but July has been a pretty big month for me. So here's my little blog post that I am out to use as my little thinking space, to share the exciting (and the not so exciting) things that have happened in the past month..

My top three perfume picks

Monday, 7 August 2017

Perfume, How often do you really think about what you're spraying on yourself quickly before you leave the house. Its something so simple but so important. I find that the perfume you wear when you first meet someone is a make or break moment.. Of course you wouldn't be-friend somebody over the perfume they wear but its an important factor. 
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