From what I can recall I don't think I've yet dived into the world of reflection posts before, but July has been a pretty big month for me. So here's my little blog post that I am out to use as my little thinking space, to share the exciting (and the not so exciting) things that have happened in the past month..

So to kick start this post on a high I think one of my achievements of the past month is unlocking a new level in the wild world of ADULTING. After many emails that had been passed back and forth since November, the non stop details and paperwork that has been signed I officially paid my first lot of rent on my first privately owned house. Of course this is a house for students, and yes its covered by my student finance but this is such a big and exciting thing for me. Its like stepping upon the housing ladder without actually stepping upon it. Its the house, without the mortgage. The experience of truly managing my money in a true adulting fashion, with monthly instalments of rent and actual bills (yeah, those things that already have me sighing at the thought of them). I mean yes I have to admit I am absolutely terrified about being signed onto a real contract with a real estate agent, but this is definitely one of the things that I am most proud of in my twenty years of life so far. It feels great.

Amongst all these good days come the not so good days. The past month has brought some amazing feelings of proudness (yes, I just made up a word) but a few little struggles with my anxiety, infuriatingly leaving me unable to go out for a friends birthday and finding it difficult to even talk with my house mates in general. I very rarely tend to talk about my little anxiety struggles (unless with my boyfriend, who generally see's me on most of my 'not so good days').But I always think that its so important to talk about your mental health whether you're the happiest you've been or maybe having a little bit of a rough patch, because the most important person is YOU. With this anxiety I do often struggle to find the concentration and motivation to write consistently, and therefor as someone who'd like to take my blog further I think its important to let people know that you cannot be consistent all the time. Nobody's perfect and we all face different struggles from day to day. But for now lets make this a little more cheery and get back to those great memories that have risen from a wonderful summer month. 

Speaking of the blog here's my small blogging journey. Now I've had this blog for around a year now and at first I struggled with the whole blogging thing, posting very rarely with no structure at all. But I took the plunge and went to 1&1 and bought my own domain. Admittedly without a doubt its been the best decision of my little blogging journey so far. Its given me so much motivation to relaunch my blog with a brand new design and use my spare time during the summer to really make something of my thoughts. Instead of putting pen to paper why not put fingertips to a keyboard? (Yeah okay it hasn't quite got the same ring to it but we'll make it a thing for this post) 

Along with my basic writing skills improved I feel like the last month has really worked wonders for my confidence. Having an account on twitter for three or four years I hadn't even realised just how amazing the blogging community was on there. Going from 300 to 1000 followers in just over three weeks, lets just say I got the twitter bug and cannot get enough of it. Already In such a small space of time I've found so much inspiration for blogging and specific posts, taking part in little chats on hosts sights and gaining little opportunities to work with small brands. And can I just mention just how amazingly friendly all of those blogging gals are, sadly I must admit I've received more support from these lovely ladies online than I have from old friends in real life. But that's part of growing up and maturing I suppose, I've received this great sense of freedom in accepting that If you don't receive enough positivity and support from an individual when you're putting your all into them then they may just not be worth it.

All in all its been a pretty strange month in regards to the good and the bad, but I've learnt a lot to say the least. The summer is quite a strange one for me as I'm more of a winter gal so as I'm trying to get excited and create memories, I also sit there and wish the summer time away in hopes that winter will come sooner. But not long now, we're into the eighth month of the year and I am loving it. Now I just hope that you've loved this post that much too. Thank you for reading lovelies, until next time. Becky xo