Hey all, I am finally back with a foodie blog review and I couldn't be more excited! This time its Felsons cocktail lounge and stick hall on Corn street, Bristol. I was offered the kind gift of a meal and drinks for myself and a +1, so without question I dragged my boyfriend along but of course with a private room, the Chelsea football match on tv, a pool table and a meal.. He couldn't even try and complain right?

Upon arrival we were greeted by a lovely waiter/barman that led us to this hella fancy room, and I actually couldn't believe my eyes of what we were getting.. a little private room to ourselves, with our own music, a little tv propped upon the wall, two sofas, a pool table and a little table and chairs in the corner of it all. It's fair to say that we were being absolutely spoiled, and fair to say that this is 100% a suitable room for a big group of people to hire out, which they can! Felson's state that the reason behind starting this company is that; 'We are inspired by Fast Eddie Felson, 1950's a Hollywood eight-ball stick hero. A cool, confident player with a competitive attitude and a love of the game. Living on the edge, never afraid of a challenge, he would play for tens of thousands of dollars a game without even flinching!'

Before we could even think about the pool game we hurried and ordered ourselves a good bit of grub, myself going for the deep south burger and some chips! Because come on its pretty hard to go wrong with that, at this time we also decided to grab some drinks, myself opting for a strawberry daquiri and my love going for a good old fashioned. The drinks arrived in an impressive speedy time followed up by the food. The strawberry Daquiri was a very sweet mixture of fruits and alcohol which is always great! The deep south burger was a beautifully southern fried piece of chicken that was very giving for a starter, in a beautiful brioche bun with some bbq sauce! As a great lover of chicken in general I was very impressed with how juicy and tender the inside of the chicken truly was. On the side of that monstrous sized burger was a portion of chips to suit it. Crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside just the way I like it. 

After we munched down our food and sat down for a little while I got a little over excited and set up the pool table whilst Tom was still dealing with how full he was. Now I used to be quite decent at pool but it was this night that I discovered that maybe that was no more. Out of six games I won 1 of those by myself, and another two by the fault of Tom potting the black by mistake. Now I would usually take any win I can get, but not even I could take that as an official point so I'll just settle for one out of six.

After these good few games of Pool we had worked up quite a sweat and downed a pint of lemonade between us and decided to call it a night. I can't thank Felsons enough for the incredible night we had and we genuinely cannot wait to be back as soon as we get a chance! So if you're looking for a great night full of fun and competitiveness with a group of friends or somewhere to go to break the ice on a date night I truly think that Felsons is the right place to go!