We've all been there and done that with getting so over excited with one season that we end up spending 90% of our money on clothing and accessorising, seemingly forgetting about the other three seasons in the year. You're suddenly left with the realisation that your brand new white converse won't last through the winter, and your doc martens will not be the perfect suit for a summer holiday. But that's where accessories come in, you know those wonderful things that you can put on that instantly change any outfit to suit the weather. And a watch, is the most perfect one you may find.

This item is so kindly gifted and in collaboration with Adexe watches (but bare in mind that all opinions, thoughts and styling are of my own) To cut to the chase I've been stuck in a cycle of wearing my broken Daniel wellington watch for a good year now, telling myself every week I'll get it fixed soon. And now while I am not fully replacing but maybe just upgrading from this I received this Adexe watch. The beautiful shiny piece that I chose was the THEY Grande Gold & Brown watch that has a value of £129. One of my favourite things about these watches is that Adexe watches defines THEY as 'also known as a non-gender specific pronoun, is celebrating those independent to convention and free from conformity.' It does bring me joy seeing many watch companies slowly catching onto the concept that watch styles can be gender neutral. In a world full of categories and stereotypes its nice to be in a little bubble of freedom, even if it just to express through a watch type.

The beautiful rich brown against the white and gold just seems to conform to a bit of every season, the beautiful white and gold screams summer, the warmth of the brown representing Autumn, the dark tone of the strap against the gold just celebrates Christmas and the light vibrant tones are perfectly fitting for Spring. So the grande watches are of 41mm in diameter which when I first popped it onto my abnormally small wrists was a little daunting, but once you get used to the size the calming neutral colours just fit in so naturally. The strap is Hand-made genuine Italian leather which in regards of manufacturing screams quality, although ethically this may be something that many wouldn't feel comfortable with but as for me that's a sign of a sure winner that it's going to last a long while! As for the face of the watch its one big open space presenting the time in a beautifully clear way, within this space it includes three mini spaces representing seconds, the day and what looks like a stop watch although I've not yet ventured to test that one out. 

On a whole I feel like having the perfect watch is a winner for all seasons, especially when it holds three stunning colours that work along with each other to create the most diverse looks when fitted with a range of themed outfits. And I can just tell this will be something I cannot take off my wrist with ease.