About a week or two ago I was approached by the lovely little brand Ego Sketch, now admittedly I'd never heard of them before but I was very excited to do a little research into who they are and what they do.. They're a little company based in the Netherlands, that create phone and tablet cases. Not only do they give you a choice of designs that are available on their site, but they give you the opportunity to put your own mark on them by the power of customisation. (Now before I get stuck in, this is NOT a paid collaboration therefor all opinions & review comments are my own and have not been influenced)

The first thing that struck me about the site was how welcoming it was. Scrolling through the 'about us' page it shows each member that's part of their team, along with a little about them. I love being given the opportunity to put a face to a name, not only of who I may be contacting by email but also who is part of the project itself. The second amazing thing that struck me was that they actually catered for pretty much all types of phone instead of the typically iphone only customisation, from Samsung, HTC and finally at last the wonderful LG G5 (my beautiful phone).

So how does it work?

You first of all chose the type of case that you would like whether that being a standard case or a wallet case for example. You then proceed to chose the design that you would like to have on the back of it, there are some pre-loaded designs on the site or you can opt for using your own photo as I did. One thing I found really great was the fact that you weren't only limited to one photo, you could put as many photos as you desire so long as they fit within the template. Not only can you add photos but you can also add writing and customise that with a range of fonts and colours. Once you've finished designing, customising, and perfecting your case you then proceed to the checkout. Now the standard delivery is 2-5 days which is great considering its being delivered from outside of the UK.

My thoughts on the product itself?

I must say that I am actually incredibly impressed with the quality of this case, the photo design is printed with a beautiful matte finish. A little grainy texture adds to this and allows a little grip. The quality of the actual photo has come out beautiful with the colours printed as vibrantly (if not more) as the original photo. Which is great as many companies that I've seen in the past reduce the photo quality by an actual shocking amount. One concern I did have is the amount of protection that is given to the screen of the phone, with the LG G5 that I have its designed with a little curve at the very top of the screen and if its dropped It would be damaged. But if you're careful like myself with your phone and treat it like your new born baby then it should all be fine! Every other element of the phone is protected as its a pretty strong and rigid material. It also does not restrict your use of any of the buttons/controls on the side of the phone as there are gaps created in the material allowing easy access.

Now this post may sound biased, but honestly this has quickly become one of my new favourite little companies. From the lovely way that I was spoken to through emails all the way to the quality of the product. They truly are killing the service and manufacturing game. (Yep, I just made that a thing) But seriously if you are looking for a new phone case that allows you display something different, or even your own cheeky photography work like myself then I could not recommend them more. Apart from personal preference of how protected you would like your phone I truly could not find any faults, and will definitely be returning to them the next time I chose to change up my phone case.

You can find them here at;

Thank you for reading lovelies, and thank you to ego sketch for giving me the opportunity of reviewing your products.