So today I am doing something a little chatty, something a little personal and in general something simply a little different. This is me writing a post to myself, reflecting on those lessons that I have learnt and those new life goals that I have created, so just a heads up you may want to sit down with a cuppa it may be a bit of a long one (but don’t worry I promise not to share my whole life story, just some of it…)
First of all the things that I’ve learnt.. One of my favourite things to do is to go for a long walk with good company and a good camera. I’ve found that a different environment with peaceful spaces is the dreamy location to have a think and to reflect on life (deep, I know sorry). But really, you’re always so busy wrapped up in your daily life and your busy head of thoughts that you never truly get to just sit down and think. Now this past year has been a strange one for me, from moving away to university which has definitely been one of the best decisions in my twenty years of life so far. Along with the not so great things such as suffering with a little more anxiety lately, but not even that has stopped me. Since going to university I’ve learnt one really important lesson and that is that no matter how shy and anxious I may be at times, I can do a hell of a lot when I put my mind to it.

Simple things such as going out shopping by myself to slowly getting over my fear of talking on the phone. I mean when somebody commits £400 of fraud on my card I kind of had no choice, but seriously that was one great day (minus you know, the money thing. And in case you’re wondering I got it all back). Anyway back to the point. I’ve pushed my confidence so far that I look back on the things that I used to fear and wonder why I was so silly. But in reality I’m kind of thankful that it took me this long to grow as a person when it concerns my confidence, because in a space of just over 10 months words cannot explain how far I’ve come as a person.

From confidence to appreciation, now I’ve always appreciated the area that I live in and the city I’ve grown up in. And it’s a strange concept when you move away to another city as that new city becomes your new home and the old one becomes a stranger. But I’ve discovered that all the changes that happen while you’re away give you many more opportunities to explore when you come back to visit. Little pathways along the river banks become overgrown and new ones appear, but that’s the beauty of change. There is always something new, and new is good. For myself to be a better and more productive version of myself I crave change, New bedding, new room layout, a change of scenery a daily routine.. things as small as those really do help.

Now new life goals, all of these changes and my growth as a person have really set a new perspective on life. And we all say at the start of the academic year ‘I will do better.. this is my year.. I’m going to get my head back in the books and smash it..’ No, but seriously. After the taster that was first year, I’m determined that second year will be MY YEAR. My year to find myself. My year to continue to grow as a person, as a friend, as a girlfriend. I intend to keep bettering myself and to achieve great things. From marks to build up to my full degree to upping my blogging game. And who knows I even have plans to up my photography game by creating business cards to really share and getting working on my biggest hobby. And who knows this year after contemplating it for several years I may grow some balls and start a youtube channel, and I don’t mean my old crappy videos of a room tour with youtube’s complimentary cheesy tunes. I mean sophisticated make up reviews, daily routines, tips on changing to a complete animal cruelty free make up regime. I will do it all.

I may even make writing my blog posts a permanent 1 o’clock in the morning thing because this is seriously the most motivated I have been in weeks (but maybe some less ranty/chatty ones, some straight to the point). Now I can tell you honestly, writing this all down really has cleared my mind. Sitting in bed with my laptop and fairy lights has truly given me the opportunity to write and write and write. And I kind of feel like I have mostly everything together, and that I have some sort of plan. And you’ll be happy to hear that my next plan, right here, right now.. is to close this post. So if you’ve been an incredibly patient reader sat there with your cup of tea.. or coffee then I truly thank you. It feels good to get it all out. Thank you lovelies.