Out of all the hobbies I've ever had I feel that photography has always been the main one that has stuck with me. In the last few months the possibility of an on the side career of photography has become more realistic. There's so much that can be done with a good camera, and lets be honest having photos taken is never going to go out of fashion. Its what keeps memories going and past souls with you.. Its not just a hobby its an art..

1. its fun.

looking at the different camera's and lenses that are available are the first fun bit of photography. With how popular and useful it is these days the choices are endless. Not to mention the amount of brands out there.. Canon, Nikon, Olympus. The lists go on. Once you've picked that one special camera and taken the plunge and made an investment (which can be very scary I know). The real fun then begins. You will have hours of fun reading manuals, looking at instructions, searching through blog posts.. all to teach you how to use the camera. But nothing works as well as just charging up those fresh batteries and taking in out for a little play around.

2. It keeps you busy.

With camera's the possibilities are endless, and you will never run out of things to photograph.. Flat lays, portraits, nature, pets. It honestly keeps you busy for hours and hours (in fact my usual ventures out with the camera last anything up to 5 hours. And I would feel bad for my boyfriend that I drag around with me, but I am slowly converting him to love photography nearly as much as me!)  When you're bored you just turn to your camera and start capturing whatever you see. It makes you leave the house, it makes you go and explore new areas. That may have something to do with the fact that you cannot deal with the guilt, the guilt of buying something so expensive and not getting the full use of it. But hey I'm not complaining, getting some fresh air isn't all bad.

3. Never ending career.

One thing I've really learnt is that people are desperate to have professional photos done at any cheaper prices that they can. Especially when people are in the early stages of starting a family, gender announcing shoots, pregnancy shoots, new born baby shoots. Those are the moments that people really want to capture forever. So realistically unless they somehow invent a technology that captures photos forever within your brain, then photography is a pretty good choice of a sustainable career.

4. Its a great conversation starter.

I've found that there are so many people that are into photography, but don't make it known. That's why its a great conversation starter you could be sat there with somebody, and once the topic of cameras come up you cut the small talk out and can sit there for hours chattering away about your passions. It can also make for a really cute little meet up day out with other blogger friends. Which I am still yet to plan!

5. It gives you something to be proud of.

I feel that this is the most important and rewarding angle of photography.. It can be a truly hit or miss subject, its like day to day life where you have good days and occasional bad days. You can take over 300 photos and only come out with 3 that you like, but that's the beauty of it. It requires a hell of a lot of patience but once you find those 3 perfect shots you won't be able to stop staring at them (well until you find your next perfect 3 shots that is!) You will see your skills develop overtime and there is nothing more rewarding and satisfying than seeing yourself and personal skills grow.

(credit to my cutie of a boyfriend for always being my little photographer on long days out with me). Thanks for reading lovelies xo