Most of you have probably never heard of the little Village of Llangorse (that's okay neither had i before last week). Me and my boyfriend decided that we needed to stop being sloth's around the house and get out and do something. So one night of camping became the plan! after searching and searching for camp site's online we found this little magical place called Llangorse Lake that's situated in the heart of the Brecon Beacons, Wales.

So we packed up the car, filled it up with petrol and off we went! On a journey that was suppose to be pretty simple.. until the sat nav had other ideas. It decided to take us through back streets, and little lanes. which alright it was a bit of a pain but we got over it.. Until we turned into the most narrow street I'd ever come across that was blocked by a big lorry at the end (Typical). The only way out was a turn in the road which wasn't fun considering the road was pretty much the width of my car and the only thing separating us from a drop down the side of a hill was a little metal fence. Needless to say, it wasn't fun. But we made it, we're still here, and still alive. Once that stress was over we drove down some beautiful winding lanes with the sun shining down on us, and the fresh country side air blowing through the windows until we reached the camp that point we both let out a HUGE sigh of relief.

We chose where to pitch the tent, and yes okay we cheated with our little pop up tent, but who cares. After the really tiring three minutes of putting the tent up and pegging it down, we were in desperate need of a nap. so we set everything up and crawled into what would be our snug little cosy home for the night, and okay yes.. we were once again sloth's.

So yes there's my little classic doc martens photo, that I pretty much take every time I put these beautiful boots on my feet. But come on you just have to love them, the comfiest shoes ever created. Now finally, after 2 hours of recovering from the travels we decided to venture out towards the lake, which in fact is the biggest natural lake in Wales. And trust me, you have to see it to understand the extent of how big it actually is. The only words I have to describe this lake is 'absolutely breathtaking' (quite literally on a windy day). Now this lake was so big that after walking and hour and a half through countless fields, some filled with sheep and another filled with horses we managed to locate where we were. And the sad reality was that we weren't even half way, and with it being quite late in the evening we had to return back to the tent before we were lost forever..

That night we did a bit of cooking, and watched the sky as it filled up with shades of pink and purple as the sun set over the beautiful wood. The atmosphere of the camp site was just so lovely. So relaxed and peaceful. Everything so still, as if time had stopped. That's the wonders of taking a moment to be at one with nature and the country side, its a time to clear you mind and think. If you're ever curious of what I mean by this or a happy place I strongly recommend visiting either this camp site or just venturing out camping in general. With the company of the friendly strangers around you making you feel right at home, Sleeping out under the stars, and being able to witness nature first hand how can you complain? Totally and utterly magical.

Thank you very much for taking your time to read this or even just stopping to look at these few photos, as I'm still quite new with this whole blogging thing I'd really appreciate hearing what you thought of it. And make sure that you're following me on my social media accounts!

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