Sunday, 4 November 2018

Make-believe media

Hey all! So I'm back with something a little different today, now rather than chatting about a glamorous beauty product or an 'incredible' blogger event. I am here to give us all a little reality check. A reality check on why we should stop believing everything we see on the internet, that being instagram, twitter.. youtube. It's been a bit of a complicated time for me lately in regards to my confidence in blogging, hence why there's only been maybe one or two posts a month. Over the past few months I've felt that its been essential to step back, give myself a reality check and realise what's important. And here is what I came up with, I've realised the biggest flaw in the blogging industry or just social media in general is painting a picture perfect life. And in reality, it's not like that at all.


With the blogger world constantly growing everyday, it's become a place of fierce competition of who has the best products and best experiences. With jealousy in the air and great acting skills I hate to admit it but from what I can see it's become a little fake over time. And just at this minute a little world that I am struggling to be a part of and stand out in. But this is why need to stop believing what we see on the internet. 

Now as bloggers I'm not going to deny we get some pretty bad ass opportunities and are so incredibly fortunate to try so many products. And that is honestly the greatest thing in the world. Knowing that all of your hard work is paying off by getting rewards from some incredible companies is mind blowing. But lately, I feel that its being blown out of proportion. We need to be a little more realistic. Photo's of new beautiful outfits on instagram everyday? I mean damn, they're incredible to look at and you're left in awe over a persons wardrobe that you've never even met. But that's the problem. Suddenly you're there, the stage where you're comparing your every item with theirs. 

But it doesn't just stop there, it spiralises until you're in this deep hole questioning if you're even good enough. Answer? Hell yes, you're good enough. Reality check; Most of these outfits are bought in bulk or gifted by companies and are shot in one day. (Now trust me this isn't a dig at fashion bloggers, because we need them for inspiration and to show us what looks good and I'm a sucker for scrolling through fashion posts for hours and as a photographer I shoot beauty and fashion bloggers) All I am saying, is if you're questioning if you're good enough, then yes you are. god damn it, you are. Nobody has a fancy new outfit on everyday. Most days are filled with the realities of going to work, university, or even just sitting at home having a really crappy day with no make up consuming all the junk food in the world.

As beautiful as the blogging and social media world is, a picture perfect place full of incredible adventures, beautiful clothes, expensive make up and so on. I'ts not realistic. And we're creating a fiction world that younger generation are looking up to. I miss being able to get to know people through their photos, I miss seeing the down days people have that remind you that's it's okay to not be on top form every day. I just miss the realism.


And, I hated to finish on this point. But fake followers. All I'm going to say is that it doesn't take some magic software to find out who's buying them. We know who you are, and honestly its just baffling. If you're putting out beautiful and true content that allows your personality to shine through then that should sure as hell be enough. You'll attract the people you deserve and your hard work will pay off. But by buying them, you're cheating the system and quite frankly ruining the experience for yourself.

By buying them you're again creating a fantasy world. We're all here for the same thing and want to gain the same kinds of experiences.. and followers and likes should not define that. It's great to have an online presence but if the numbers are what it's based on then you are for sure doing it for the wrong reasons. Numbers don't represent how many people like you, it represents how many people like the happy fantasy life you put out on the internet. And personally, I'm kind of over it. I love the idea of a fantasy world where everything looks perfect and takes us away from the harsh realities of life, but its damaging. So damaging for those on the outside. I will share my down days, the days where I'm laying in my blankets because I'm cold, lazy and quite frankly exhausted from university and forever worrying about money. Let's take social media back to the old school days, where we shared our most vulnerable moments and truly connected with people for who we are, not what we have.

- P.S thanks for listening to the rambles, this post is in no intention throwing shade at any specific bloggers or situations, I personally have had no problems or conflicts with any fellow bloggers. I'm just trying to prove a point that when social media one day dies out, who's really going to be there?

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