Clifton | Photo blog

If you're a student in or around Bristol then Clifton is sure to not be a stranger to you. Known for it's Georgian townhouses all lined up in the most aesthetically pleasing way, and of course the ever so famous suspension bridge. But ask yourself this, how often do you take the chance to explore the places near you as if you were a tourist? Answer, probably not enough.

Full of beautiful little woodland paths, quirky cafe's where you're sure to spot many coffee's with art on the top of them.. followed by a beautiful baked homemade vegan cake. It is the little village of everything elegant, different & to be quite straight to the point perfect and pristine.  Offering a range of high end boutiques, and a co-op here and there. It's a one of a kind little town, one you wouldn't necessarily think to find in such an out there city of Bristol. Something so peaceful, symmetrical and full of natural beauty.

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