giving skin care a go

Skin care. Ah something that I was pretty much a stranger to before I tried the skinkissed serum, from my experience of products in the past lets just say they've not been great.. when it comes to beauty my skin has a hard time trying to love them. From allergies, to plain old sensitivity I just don't tend to get along with them. But for some reason the skinkissed serum really grabbed my attention and I felt like I had to give it a go. with claims to rid of fine lines & acne scars, I must admit I was a little skeptical but let me just tell you this serum is the serum of dreams.

Who are Skinkissed you ask?
Skinkissed are the brand that have come up with the mircale working vitamin-C serum. At a cost of £39.95 per bottle this serum is being longed for by many skin care lovers. With promises to reduce wrinkles and fine lines, rid of acne scarring, & even claims to be a great base for make up (yep, I do agree with this one).

When ordering this serum to begin with it came very promptly wrapped in bubble wrap (which we all love, even if it does get on our nerves once found in the wrong hands). But it arrived safe in a beautiful matte black casing, with gold detailing around the rims which to begin with made me instantly fall in love with it from the get go.

That night was the first night that I had tried it and within one use my skin was left feeling soft and nourished, but many creams and serums can do this too. And so, still I was a little a bit curious of whether these miracle claims were going to be true and actually show results on my acne scar battered skin. The good news? It did. After four days of using 4-5 drops twice a day, my skin had instantly lost its raw redness and the colour was already almost one shade instead of a painted pink dalmatian. Nothing like this had ever worked on my skin before, so I was well and truly shocked and instantly understood why the price is what it is.

This serum is still over a month later leaving my skin feel smoother and full of life, and under my make up it gives the look a lovely dewy glow. (which during this summer is what I've been needing to disguise the sweaty mess I've been). All in all this is a product that I would 100% recommend, even coming from me a person that used to avoid skin care at all costs. Because if I love it then boy its not going to be hard for you to love it too!

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