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The Florist

'The Florist hosts the floral collective Thursday 8th March. You are invited to celebrate the launch of the Florist with the Floral collective; A series of expertly led experiences to charm the senses' - This is what the invite read and my god if that doesn't get you excited then I don't know what will. I had yet another incredibly lucky experience, another blogging event. This time in one of the most beautiful places I have ever set foot in alongside the lovely Alice AKA Black tulip beauty, some  (being I) would say a magical land of the finest floral delicasie's.. Quite literally one of a kind.

So a little bit about the place, The Florist in Bristol is the first of many and if I can remember correctly opened just over a week ago.. But they already have ongoing plans for another launch in Liverpool. It can found at 69 Park street, Bristol. BS1 5PB. They offer the most wonderfully exotic cocktails and a range of culinary delights, and if you haven't yet guessed by the name.. a whole lot of flowers. 

As we walked into the event we were greeted by some lovely members of staff where they took our bags, coats and offered us a free welcome drink which was a mix up of lime juice, lemon juice and prosecco. Strong and not for the faint hearted, like myself. We sat and had a chat and a mingle and met some new faces. This venue is made up of many staircases all leading up to differently decorated floors.

As the left photo shows on the top floor is where you dine, but this was no ordinary room, with panoramic views of park street and a hanging ceiling of flowers and lights. With floral decor chairs and dark marbled tables it fair to say that it was one of the most Instagram worthy places I'd ever seen. So instagram worthy that that's where we had a little photography masterclass with a very talented photographer from Paris. The land of culinary photography heaven. This masterclass lasted for around thirty minutes and gave us a chance to watch a pro photographer in action teaching us all about the aperture, and ISO settings of a camera to get that perfect shot of fresh food. Which of course then just turned into a mini feast of bread and cheese eating.

Oh but getting onto the more important part, the cocktails. I've had a fair few cocktails in my life but honestly none of them have ever been up to this standard. And may I just add that they had a free open bar until 11, what a treat. We did have self control though and only stuck to four drinks through the whole night. But a highlight from their wide ranged cocktail menu was the Geranium and Lychee cooler, made up of Gin, Lychee liqueur, Geranium syrup, peach and white grape juices, Bay leaf bitters and lemon juice. The cocktails were at an average of around £7/8 which is pretty much your average price these days for a great quality cocktail which I can assure you it was. And that's without even mentioning the beautiful floral decor that was put upon each each glass just to give it that little stand out special touch. 

After having a try of a few cocktails, going for our little photography masterclass we then went on to explore yet another one of their bars. Three floors up there was another bar where they'd set up an area for requested overflow cocktails to be made and platters of the most beautiful food. Even a little recipe masterclass where they were offering out goats cheese spread and freshly baked loaf's of bread for us to dive into. And trust me we did, we looked like animals that had never been fed but it was so so great. They also had three different selections of chips, normal potato chips, sweet potato chips and Palenta chips which were all absolutely divine. They then took those chips and tossed them in their own little mix of spices (Which admittedly wasn't for me but everyone that loves a bit of spice all seemed to love!)

Alright, onto the decor. Now the decor was truly something special, apart from the ongoing obvious theme of flowers each room was based around slightly different colours. You had the beautiful room that was based around pinks and red's that had the beautiful flower wall which admittedly I definitely got a little TOO excited about and took around 20 photos of. From the beautiful mirrors to the glamorous Chandeliers they just did not miss out one bit of detail, everything was thought about and planned right down to the last bit such as the taps and the words written across the walls. 

I don't feel like this place needs much more of an explanation as to how god damn beautiful it is I really do feel as if the photo's speak for themselves. But one thing I am going to say is my gosh you need to get yourself down there, and no this isn't a sponsored post and I wasn't even asked to write a post at all I just loved it that much. And honestly no exaggeration here, it had me feeling pretty emotional as I'd never felt so excited about a bar before which is a strange concept that I can't really explain but one thing I do know is that I cannot wait to get my booty back in that place to spend all the money that I don't have on cocktails again soon!  If you enjoyed this post you may want to take a look at my post about my visit to the Bristol Harbour hotel and Spa!

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