Saturday, 20 January 2018

Lets talk productivity and happiness


Happiness and positivity, It can be quite the hard thing to grasp, and it may even be made to sound simple as many give the awfully clever advice of 'If you think positive thoughts, everything will be fine'.. Ah if only it was that simple. But it's okay to not feel okay sometimes, the way I think of it is if you didn't ever experience these negative moments in your life you wouldn't be able truly process and appreciate the positives. Whether that be a simple smile from a stranger or a promotion at your job. Anything that gives you a warm fuzzy feeling is worth remembering.
Yes I understand that unhappy thoughts and negativity are impossible to avoid but again that's okay, William Shakespeare once said ' Our doubts are TRAITORS, and make us lose the good we oft MIGHT WIN, by fearing to attempt'. Many negative thoughts within our mind are most often connected to not feeling good enough. But then you must ask yourself. Who am I trying to be good enough for? The answer, yourself. Yes you should try the best in everything you do, but not for the numbers, not for the praise (which admittedly is a truly joyful thing), but you should do your best for you. For your personal development, and as long as you can make yourself proud every now and then that's your main focus.

But what if you don't make yourself proud? Then you go through the steps of training your brain to pick out the positives in every situation that you may have any types of doubts within, and if you can;t seem to focus on those positives to lift your spirit then you can follow the simple steps of thinking about what you can do to improve yourself if you ever happened to find yourself in that situation again. The key is to never give up. happiness, positivity, success, love isn't an overnight thing. You have to learn to love yourself and teach your mind to pick out the positives. And yes yes, this is easier said than done. SO here are my top three personal tips to finding as much happiness as you can in life.

1. Make lists, and lots of them.

Yes I know what you're thinking, bloody hell thats boring (Yawn) but seriously as a neat freak kind of organiser, lists are one of my favourite things to make. Whether its to take a positive out of a situation and writing it all down in one place, or making a PLAN. A plan on paper isn't just a plan on paper, if you do this right this can be a crucial key in organising all the thoughts inside your busy brain. Pick a thought. Pick a time of when and how you will solve the anxiety, sadness or stress within this thought. Until the time comes that you've chosen to solve this thought, push it to the back of your mind and allow yourself some time to relax and allow some space for happiness without these busy thoughts overriding your mind.

2. Make yourself a hot beverage, or if you're weird and don't really like hot beverages.

(I'm only kidding, can you tell I'm a crazy tea obsessive) Anyway grab yourself, a refreshing, relaxing beverage. No matter how many stress filled sad thoughts you may be having this is nothing that a good cup of tea or coffee (Decaff) can't solve, even if it just for that five, ten or thirty minutes that you sit down to drink it. Give yourself time, no matter how many things you have to do or think about you must always make time for yourself. Make this your priority.

3. Find yourself a hobby, or a topic that you can become interested in and learn, learn, learn. 

I'm very lucky in the fact that I found blogging and photography as my two biggest hobbies as I feel that they both balance each other out. Blogging allows me to conquer my fears of talking to new people and to socialise and share the good parts of my life online, this allowing me to look back on some of my favourite days. But then Photography makes me get up and go, I am forever searching for new places to take photos and for new things to take photos of. It gets me out of the house and gives me the chance to breathe in some fresh air. Its important to fine hobbies and socialise, but its ever so crucial that you don't get sucked into the world of social media to a point where you're allowing other to track and judge your every move. 


Now these are only three steps but for me they are my saviours for when I'm feeling down and anxious, even if it takes your mind off something for five-ten minutes that can be enough time to change your thoughts from negative to positives. Allow yourself a little happiness. I've said it before and I'll say it again, its okay not to feel okay, and its definitely more than okay to let your feelings show. Have a cry, be passionate, open that great big box of chocolate and let those tears flow, It honestly can make a world of difference and allow you to refresh and start your day again. (And trust me I can give you the promise that chocolate works EVERY TIME) So no matter what you chose to do or what step you decide to take, if you've chosen one or two of these steps to take to try and lift your spirit up then the hard part is done. Getting up and trying to do something about it, it shows that you're not ready to give up and allow those negative thoughts to suck you into that black hole. 

Everything will always get better, and if you feel like you're at your lowest point then just remind yourself that things can only get better from there.

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