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Five things that might just make you a winter person

Now if you're a lover of winter like myself then you will understand my excitement for those dark and cosy nights wrapped up in a blanket, but I am aware that appreciation of wintertime is a very unpopular opinion amongst many. If you’re one of those that are not too keen on it then I hope to change your mind, or at least warm you up to the thought of the cold season a little more. But if you’re already doing your little happy dance at the thought of those crisp frost filled mornings, then you will be delighted to read this post and be reminded of why it’s such a magical season.

1. The winter fashion.

If you're anything like me then the winter fashion trends will most definitely be one of your most treasured part of the festive winter period. From the oversized cosy knit jumpers, the beanie hats all the way to that little black dress. The biggest Christmas fashion statement of all time. I'd love to say that I'm one of those glamorous individuals that rock one of those black dresses on the big day, but no I tend to stray off more towards that comfy pair of Christmas themed leggings and oversized jumper (perfect for hiding that Christmas day food baby, or that full time so called 'winter coat') 

2. Pyjama days

Oh the good old cosy pyjama day, nothing beats it. That great feeling of waking up. Taking a long shower. Then just slipping into an even more snug clean pair of Jammies. You seek out the cosiest spot in your and pick a real good book or film and indulge yourself into the enchantment that it beholds. Before you know it you're about 10 cups of tea or coffee in and have ate at least 3 bars of chocolate or the stodgiest meal ever created in the history of stodgy meals! And I can tell you from a first hand experience you will NOT regret a thing. Whether its the treat of having a guilt free unproductive day or the complete relaxation of your mind for a few hours, all I know is it cannot be topped. (and you thought you were going to have a productive day, HA!) 

3. Christmas markets

If you're anything like me then you could spend hours taking a look around Christmas markets, or just walking around it in general because it feels so damn festive. Not only do they always have the cutest hand-made items from bracelets to candle holders and so on but there is always a certain cheery atmosphere. It seems that as soon as you enter the area of a Christmas market everything instantly gets 10 times more festive and It couldn't make me happier. But how could I forget one of the most important things.. HOT CHOCOLATE. There is nothing better than a lovely hot chocolate with marshmallows on top in a christmasy environment. And I must admit I'm not too much of a big fan of hot chocolate in general but around the winter time I just cannot resist.

4. New years resolutions

New years resolutions, whether you love them or hate them they're always going to be there and be a thing. Admittedly I've never created a new years resolution before, but this year I am READY. And I know that every year people make the same resolutions over and over again hut never entirely stick to them, but I love the thought that a new year contains a new goal. A new sense of motivation. And finally something new to be proud of. They're a sign of a fresh start, and even a resolution to make next year the best so far is a great place to start. There is nothing better than that first day of the new year, where you're filled with joy and motivation. Ready to tackle any obstacles that are heading your way. So whether you're a fan or not, there is nothing quite like a new years resolution to start you off on that first day of the 'best year of your life'. 

(*Record breaks* sorry to break it to you - that's how you think it goes then before you know it you're six months in still haven't shed that winter weight and sat on a sandy beach somewhere. Sat (ironically) running away from your real adulting life, but hey we're not programmed to be perfect so give yourself a break) 

5. After winter comes Spring

Here it is, the one for the not so winter lovers. You'll be glad to be reminded that as soon as the winter season finishes the spring would have been cropping up the whole time while you were too wrapped up (literally) in all your winter hating. Spring, the time of weather that cannot make its mind up. Rain, sunshine.. wind (personally I have no idea why you'd love this more than constant dark, cold and cosy days. But you are who you are I guess. Its okay I'm only joking, love what you love and be you)

And that is the end of my little winter post, I hope that you enjoyed the small snipet of reasons that I love winter. Hopefully I've also converted a few of you to take a look at winter in a different way. Thank you for reading, until next time..


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