Wednesday, 27 September 2017

My autumn lipstick must haves

We are now finally into Autumn of 2017 and honestly I could NOT be happier, from the spookiness of Halloween, the dark long nights and not to mention the dark fashion statements.. What more is there to like? Well, let me tell you. Makeup, eye shadow, this big bold eyeliner wings & best of all lipsticks! Before we get into it can we just take a moment to appreciate just how beautiful these Autumn themed photos are! (heavenly) Now admittedly I'm still yet to fully grow my Autumn collection as I currently only have my old faithful four lipsticks ranging from the body shop to Primark's little make up range steals. But if you love lipstick then this is the blog post for you! 

Now this darkest shade of red is the shade '429 Osaka Plum'. I purchased this lipstick along with the other nude shade of '430 Sienna Rose' in the body shop. As part of there 3 for 2 deal that they always have on their make up & Skin care ranges (3 for 2 deals, yessss please!) These specific lipsticks come in at around £8 each and are part of their matte lipstick ranges. And if you didn't know the body shop are vegan friendly and against the use of animal testing.. And yes I'm sorry this sounds like a sponsored little post but seriously, a girl can dream can't she!

Enough of the body shop praising and back to the lispsticks, these two are the most perfect Autumnal shades, to add that little finishing touch to your perfect seasonal outfit. And if you're not yet brave enough to take the plunge and rock the darker shade, I've found that layering one on top of the other gives you the most beautiful meet in the middle kind of shade. Still allowing you to release your inner Halloween vibes without stepping out of your comfort zone!

These two others that have crept their way into my collection are just a little mix of two other brands the first being a little Primark pick that's been with me for around two years now (round of applause for making it last that long) But come on, as a lipstick lover you'll understand the pain of trying to make a lipstick last! Now I'm not one to be snobby about make up brands, Primark has been my one and only favourite shop pretty much since I can remember. And so I'm not one for comparing it to higher end brands, BUT I am going to say this.. For all of those of you that are make up snobs (Which there is nothing wrong with, I mean if I had the money and wasn't the poor stereotypical student I'd be living the high end make up life too) this product is just as great as any other high end product.. in my opinion.

What I'm trying to say is that you don't need a high end product to receive great quality of formulas. I've been through many make up brands and lipstick samples and Primark definitely have some of the most beautiful formulas that I've tried. Soft, hydrating yet still some how retaining it's matte look this is a great product if you're looking for something in between matte and moisturising (I don't know how they do it, some kind of sorcery!)

And last but not least, my very daring and bold 'midnight blue' shade by Maybelline. Now this specific shade is part of Roxxsaurus' loaded bold's collection coming in at £6.99, which admittedly I showed the typical symptoms of a make up addict for... (running into the shops as soon as they opened on the release date to get my hands on them) Although one thing that I was disappointed about with these is that they had a specific wrap designed for them but when they were first released they weren't wrapped in the unique design, which was slightly gutting.. but hey at least I got one! 

This shade takes me right out of my little autumnal comfort zone, but I am determined to rock this during the mystical season. With a simple eye look featuring a winged liner sharp enough to kill it will be the perfect match. The only negative I have to say about the formula of this product is that it can become quite drying on the lips if reapplied on to the top of its original layer etc. But not everything can be worth it, for the initial texture, look and colour I do definitely think that its worth it!

I know I know this may not even be enough lipsticks to be able to name it as a lipstick collection, but for me this is my little collection. My go-to products as soon as these dark morning/nights come creeping in. I will always reach for these from the back of cupboards where they hide away for most of the year during the joyful seasons of summer and spring where its deemed unacceptable to release your inner emo. No no Just joking, but seriously. These are definitely my biggest recommendations and if you do plan to venture out and invest in then then I seriously hope that you love them as much as I do. Until next time, Becky



Alice Hobbis said...

I need to get myself to The Body Shop to get that gorgeous dark berry coloured lipstick! I loooove a dark berry lip in Autumn. I also love how you've put the skull hand holding the lipstick, so cute! x

Alice www.accordingtoalicex

rebeca Lane said...

honestly the body shop have the most gorgeous Autumn toned lip products, they also have an even darker of the one I have but in a matte liquid lip and omg I am in need of it! thank you lovely for taking a look! x


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