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Love at first sight - #thebloggersfestival edition

Saturday, the 23rd of September 2017. The day that I attended my first blogger event, the bloggers festival in London. Now I expected a few little free goodies, but oh my these brands really did spoil us. And that is why I am writing this short little post all about two brands that really caught my eye, and is sure to become my newest go to brands for candles and jewellery storage. Yes, you read that right.. Two essentials that you never usually give a second thought to until you find something that You've not seen before. And so I dedicate this post to the two most beautiful brands that I've instantly fallen in love with.

Admittedly I've never actually heard of either of these brands and I'm quite confused as of why, I mean when I sit down and scroll through my Instagram feed its 90% candles and fashion related (without fail). So why have I not yet come across these two. Now before I begin this is not a post full of biased views as a result of these products VERY kindly being given to me, and I've not been asked to write anything about them. This is simply me sharing my love for little brands that create incredible products, so lets get right to it.

A little about them - First of all they can be found HERE at their cute little website. They are a small candle company based in Kent in England, that use recycled glass and the best quality soy wax within their candles. I mean great quality and recycled materials, that's my kind of company right there. They have a great variety of candles ranging from the mini candles, large candles, diffusers and even wedding favour options. 

First of all can we just take a moment to appreciate how beautifully simple the packaging and product is in itself. A clean label with a clear font. Straight to the point, selling it to you as it. I mean I know you can't really go wrong with design the wrap for a candle but this company have really got it right. And lets not even get me started on the scents. I managed to grab myself the NO - 6 Ginger biscuit and the NO - 16 cranberry marmalade.

Both scents that I've never come across before (in candle form that is), and I have to admit I'm not too much of a fan of ginger in general... but that's why this is different, the scent is so strong that its pretty much given me no option but to let it grow on me (but that's not a bad thing right?). But gladly I've had no problem loving the cranberry marmalade as its quite possibly the most divine candle that I've had the privilege of getting my nose on. It's fair to say that they've won me over and I cannot wait to invest in my next batch of candles once these lovelies have sadly come to an end. (By the way they have a 'freshly cut grass scent, yeah yeah you can thank me later)

Onto the second little brand, now this is something different. First of all they can be found HERE . Now this a sector that for some strange reason I've never really invested into before. Jewellery holders & storage. I mean yes I have little make up bags with the classic slogans such as 'I woke up like this' on it. (Trust me I never wake up like that) Where I just sling all my little bits of jewellery to never be seen again amongst my mountainous piles of make up. But I've never really taken the time to take a look at glamorous and classy storage items. (And that might just be as I'm not really that glamorous as you may now know)

Anyway, I walked up to their stall in awe of what I saw. The most beautifully designed storage spaces I have ever come across before, and when I took a look in my little goody bag I couldn't believe my eyes to see that they'd so generously given each of us a full sized product within them (yeah the little goody bag doesn't seem so little now does it) I manage to get my hands on this beautiful 'grey cone jewellery peak'. This item comes in at £18 on their website, and it allows you to wrap your bracelets/watches/rings upon the top of the peak. This also has a small secret space hidden underneath, for your more dainty beloved items of jewellery. 

Mine already is filled with my favourite delicate earrings (that usually end up disappearing within a week of their purchases). I've never come across jewellery storage in this form before, and yes I may be living in the blogger stone age but this is a first for me and I'ts safe to say I am in love, with the great quality and a perfectly clean and smooth finish you can't ask for more.

And there you have it, two new brand that I've most definitely fallen head over heels in love with (yeah as if you couldn't tell already). Two beautiful and original brands that I am so excited to share with you in hopes that others will love them at least half as much as I do already. 

Thank you for reading, for any enquiries please get in contact through or take a look at my contact page. Until next time, Becky

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