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Write love parcel- Becoming a rep & Review

Write love parcel. One of the cutest idea's I've come across on my blogging journey so far. A blogger and stationery lovers dream. Now the company itself is not to do with blogging, but as you may have guessed.. stationery. I've been given the amazing opportunity to be a REP for their little company. And so included in this post will be my short journey of becoming a rep, an honest review and a chance to get your hands on a discount code for their monthly box subscription..

Who are they and what do they do?

They are a new founded company that prepare fascinating little boxes filled with stationery for example cards & envelopes etc. Each month is filled with a different themed group of products, including a little piece of artwork from a graphic designer/artist (depending on the box that you're subscribed to). But to make it even better they have a project where they plant one tree per 10 boxes that are sold. A company that ships lovely high-quality stationary products while also doing their part to look after the earth, I must admit I was sold within an instant.

Now if you're not into scrolling down through a long photo filled blog post here's your discount code to receive 20% off your first order when you sign up for a write love parcel, parcel. (BECKYYELENN20)

The package; content & review

The package that I've luckily received is the the August edition, When I opened the envelope (which I have to say is pretty beautiful in itself) I pulled out the four cards wrapped in a royal blue tissue paper. This tissue paper was sealed with a little sticker specially made with their design on it, which I thought was a lovely little touch. 

Inside I found four different cards and a sheet explaining what everything was and where the designs were from, even including their social media handles etc. The last cards mentioned on the sheet, but the ones that are most definitely my favourite are described as 'THE GOLD FOIL "GREETINGS & SAULUTATIONS" + "THANKS" NOTECARDS.

These two beautiful cards have been created by and they can be found on facebook, instagram and pinterest @papersource and last but not least on twitter @paper_source. Anyway, onto the main bit that is the review. My first impressions of the cards were great as they're made of such high quality materials with really simple but stand out designs. Fitting in perfectly with the stars in the sky theme both cards have a dazzling galaxy type background, with the words presented by a gorgeous copper foiled effect. 

And once again an eco friendly company with these cards being created using recycled paper, which I am always a big fan of. (Can you guess that I'm a geography student and enthusiastic earth lover?). And one final thing that really pleases me is that they've left the insides of the card blank allowing you to put in your own personal touches.

So the second (or should I say third card technically) is the 'GOOD WORK NOTECARD', created by Hammerpress in Missouri that can be found at Or through their facebook, instagram, twitter and pinterest handle of @hammerpress. This card is created in the shape of a badge/shield which is very interesting. Featuring a busily intriguing design on the front. Using greens and dark coppers/browns as contrast colours to emphasise the cards design. Now personally I must admit this is a little too busy and confusing for me, as I'm quite a minimalist myself (But then again the card isn't for me, so I can't comment on it too much. As lets be honest I am definitely one of the pickiest people you will ever meet!) 

I feel that this would be perfect for possibly a younger receiver, or for a quirky person and definitely an individual that loves the colour green. Again its completely blank inside so perfect for adding yet another little personal touch before shipping that card off. What I do absolutely love about this card is that it is so different and perhaps that's its tactic to stand out as much as it can ensuring that its never just placed in the usual 'old card drawer'that everyone has but never admits to.

Last but not least the most adorable star themed birthday card. The creators of this card can be found at And through their facebook, twitter, instagram and pinterest handle of @pagestationery - I must admit this card is as simple as it comes, but for me that's why it works so well (oh no I can feel the minimalist inside me breaking through again, if only my bedroom was as tidy as my need for simple designs). The simple colour scheme of white, orange and black means that it can be used for both girls and boys. 

(Now I hate to be one to use gender specific colours as I don't personally believe in them but yes, we're in 2017 and still we automatically by cards for certain genders by looking at certain colours) And so because of this, the use of neutral colours is a great necessity. One thing I love about this is as well as being suitable for everyone, it also fits into being able to be used for pretty much any age category. From baby's to your great grandmother, it just works.

I'm aware that this has been an incredibly long blog post and you'll be glad to know that its nearly coming to an end now. Just a quick round up of my full opinion and a cheeky little discount code for you all. Okay so without rambling I really really love this concept that write, love, parcel have created. Its a stationery and card writing lovers dream, brand new cards that all fit into a monthly theme what more could you want? And I can 100% promise you that this is in no way a biased opinion, I am utterly sold. And considering this months is only their third month of parcels I cannot wait to see the things that they have to share in the future.

Now here's where you come in, I partnered up with write love parcel as a rep and this is great news for you. As simple as it comes here is your discount code (BECKYYELENN20) to get 20% off on your first order when you sign up for your first months parcel. I really hope this little (or I must say rather large) post has help make you aware of this newly introduced concept and I hope that you've loved this post in general.

Thank you for reading, and thank you to write love parcel for this amazing opportunity.


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