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Why i started blogging

As bloggers whether it be big or small, we all have our reasons behind the start of our blogs. Some may say its their little happy safe environment, some blog as a way to get their mental health worries out of their head and on some form of document, they may have passions (beauty, lifestyle & fashion) that they just cannot keep to themselves, or just in general find themselves to be a little bit of an introvert. For myself its all of the above, and this little post is all about why I started my blog and how stepping out of my social comfort zone has changed me as a person..

Now I must admit I can't fully remember why I started my blog but it would have been something along the lines of being quite an introvert.. Shy, anxious and quite a nervous person in general, do I need to continue the list of things proving why I might not be quite so good in social situations? No, Okay amazing. I've always been a pretty shy person when it comes to my passions, always been a lover of photography but barely showed any of my work. Simply due to me being to nervous and shy about it, what if someone comes up to me in real life and asks me about it? What if they ask me lots of questions about my camera that I'm expected to know but I don't? Surely I should know things about my camera,my hobby is photography for gods sake! But do you see what I mean, the overthinking and the worrying. Its what stops me from sharing my passions. The simple but extensive fear of being asked about it and me not having the answer. 

And that my friends, readers and fellow bloggers is why I love blogging. First of all I find blogging and the blogger community to be my safe little environment. The fact that I can go on twitter ask a question or post something and gain so much friendly feedback, not to mention from countless amounts of strangers that I've never even spoken to before! The support is unlike anything I've ever seen. Everybody is just so accepting, and yes you get the occasional 'blogger drama' from time to time but I've just found that as a community we all pull together and support the individuals in need of some inspiration. The blogging community is definitely up there in being one of the biggest perks of blogging, and honestly it continues to amaze me every day. 

Now something quite the apposite of the acceptance of individuals in the blogging community is that of the topic of mental health, people have been suffering with mental health issues since the start of humanity yet we're in 2017 and there is still some strange taboo surrounding the subject. And that can be both a blessing and a curse, on one hand it makes it very hard to discuss issues that may be frazzling your brain to pieces, but at the same time if everybody was so accepting and knew how to handle helping you with your mental health issues then we wouldn't have this amazing online community. Neither would we have so many amazing mental health activists. No blogs advising and helping individuals like myself on simple things such as self-love and self-care. And last but not least we wouldn't have a form of connecting with other sufferers online, which sometimes can be a key source for people if you are an introvert like myself.

Now being an introvert like myself is an odd thing, it's not that I don't care about whats around me or that I'm in it all for myself. But I struggle with the whole social side of adulting (or life in general). I find blogging to be a nice form of me being able to speak to others and in general make more friends, I'm not burdened with the fear of having to think on the spot, or the worry of what if I don't know what to say back, what if I get too shy to say what's on my mind.

 All of those worries are instantly wiped away out of my busy little brain. It's not that I'm a keyboard warrior but when I'm sat behind a laptop or a computer and a keyboard I feel in control. I feel like I can truly take on the world one blog post at a time. I feel that I can connect with so many inspiring bloggers and readers and I'm suddenly able to talk to them for hours and hours without feeling nervous once! And its great, it makes me feel like me again. The brave and confident Becky thats really inside of me is just trying to peek past my brain to get out.

Last but not least the pretty obvious one, I blog to share my passions and experiences. Mostly about lifestyle, photography, mental health and the occasional beauty post. I've always found it a great thing to be able to put my thoughts down in a document that I can upload online and everybody can see. And if they want to read it they can, but if its not something that they're interested in then of course they won't. I feel as if I can talk about my passions without being in peoples faces. Because lets admit it its definitely one of the worst feelings when you're chatting away to somebody about something that may be really small and silly, but something that you're really passionate about and you can just tell that they're not interested in it. And of course they don't have to be interested about it. 

But that's why I love this whole blogging thing, you write about your passions and if people like it then they'll read it and tell you that they loved and if they don't want to then its not shoved in their faces. I mean it's not that I am much of a chatty person when it comes to my passions anyway, I do tend to keep quite a lot of these little things to myself as I am quite shy, But blogging gives me that opportunity to share it without having to physically speak and I think that's such a magical thing for individuals like me that really struggle to make their voice heard.

I understand that this has been quite a long and rambling chatty post but if you're a fellow blogger then I think you'll relate to a few of these points or if you are a reader and someone thinking of starting a blog I hope that these things have made you consider it as even more a positive project to get started. Its a rather large and time consuming project to take on but I have to say its definitely been one of the best decisions I've made. Its allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and to socialise with so many amazing people, which is a mammoth task that I could never have done a few months ago. But in the few months that I've been blogging properly I've gained so much confidence and drive in myself, to be a better and more of a 'go out and get it' kind of person and that's honestly everything that I've ever wanted and more.

So this ones to us shy little bloggers, that have taken blogging as a form of using our voices and getting them heard.


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just-a-kidd said...

I've loved joinging the blogging community as well. Everyone is just so lovely and wants to help eachother out as well as growing their blog. That includes you too lovely! I love our insta pod, the way we can all chat and help eachotherđź’• Love this post

Lon x


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