Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Domain & updates

I DID IT! I finally made the big jump (or little to most other bloggers) of getting my own domain. I've been considering doing this for a good few months now, but always had that fear that my blog just wasn't good enough. I did the typical blogger mistake of comparing myself with others, I concentrated so much on the amount of views & comments that I had completely lost motivation. It made me feel like I wasn't worthy of writing because it wasn't up to a certain 'blogger standard'. But oh boy was I wrong, and today's post is a little about my experience of getting my very own domain, how to do it, and hopefully to convince those of you that are on the fence of doing so to go for it..


So its only been around a month now, and okay you may be thinking I am definitely not one to talk about my experience. But I will tell you now some of the things I wish I'd known while setting it up.. Now choosing your domain host, this was definitely the most tedious part of the process. Seeing the amounts of different domain hosts was an incredibly daunting moment. I had asked a few bloggers what host site they used and I swear I had a completely different answer from all of them. From Go Daddy,, 1&1, to google. The lot! 

After a lot of research and a lot of thinking I chose 1&1. Thankfully one of my family members are very good at IT and had let me know that 1&1 gave me the opportunity to create a domain and point it towards blogger. (in simple terms enabling you to keep using blogger and redirect your blogger URL straight to your custom domain URL -  even simpler terms.. enabling you to continue using blogger) I personally was adamant that I didn't want to leave blogger, so the decision was made for me and this was the one! 

And so the money choices began, there were quite a few options whether you wanted your domain to be .org, .com etc but I realised that was the cheapest and surely the most commonly used. This was so easy to do, I simply visited the 1&1 site and typed in my ideal domain name. It then told me if this was available or not leading you onto the next page with the different price listings. With VAT by choosing the simple option this worked out at around £9 for two years that I paid upfront, and that was it. I had a domain. I officially turned my blog from to the fabulous,uk. And I must admit it does childishly make me feel very important and I am absolutely loving it so far!

I'm sorry to say that this is definitely the most confusing part of it all. The part that I was doing but had no idea what I was actually doing.. Does that even make sense? Only when I received an email did I realise that I was  in fact registering my domain. Now I cannot talk for those of  you on wordpress I do apologise, but if you are on blogger then here's a helpful link to guide you through these steps.. How to set up your custom domain to blogger - google help

Now please bare with it on these steps, I will admit that finding a few of the certain things that you need to change/update are pretty technical and hard to find. But after me nearly giving up, and driving my boyfriend nuts, then asking him for help, then getting annoyed at him for helping, then apologising because I was being very stroppy.. long story short after about an hour it was all complete. The domain was officially mine.After going through the struggle of registering my domain, I understand the struggle of it so if you do end up going self hosted with 1&1 and pointing it towards blogger do not hesitate to ask for any help, leave a comment or go to my contact page.

The next thing I thought I ought to do since I'd finally paid for my own domain was to give the blog a little face lift. And so after asking my lovely blogger gals for some recommendations of where to get budget ranged templates I headed towards Etsy. Now Etsy is definitely the most underrated and unheard of site for templates. (Well for me anyway) And after scrolling for a good half an hour I came across the lovely Hello Manhattan, and bought my new template for just £9. All I have to say is that I would highly recommend these templates as there are so many customisation features, and the price includes instructions for all of these different available features, and a personal header.

I can happily say that doing something as simple as getting your own domain is definitely (so far) the best thing that I've done for my blog. Its given me a little more confidence and made me realise that I don't have to have tons of followers or views or comments to be proud of work. If I'm proud and happy with my content then that's all that should really matter. Remember why you started this blog. Because you wanted to write things down? its your passion? Its your love? Most importantly it makes you happy. Just remember that and any new opportunities/extra views is an added bonus.


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Sophie Ford said...

I completely know how exciting this is as I've recently given my blog a huge make over too haha!
Your blog look amazing! Xx


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