Monday, 7 August 2017

My top three perfume picks

Perfume, How often do you really think about what you're spraying on yourself quickly before you leave the house. Its something so simple but so important. I find that the perfume you wear when you first meet someone is a make or break moment.. Of course you wouldn't be-friend somebody over the perfume they wear but its an important factor. 

You can either be met with a gentle and soft scent or have your sense of smell completely blocked up with an intense gust of well, something that really does not smell nice. I often go through different phases of wearing perfume and then not touching it for a few weeks and by how empty these three bottles are I think you can tell that I may like them just a little bit. 

The first scent that I am in love with is this delicate 'love struck' perfume by Vera Wang, I've never found a company/brand where I've loved more than one scent that they've created. But this is different. I started with the scent 'princess' and now 'love struck', I just can't get enough of these light floral scents that are perfect for those sun-shining summer days. (even if I do receive this as a Christmas present every year, and then have to wait until the summer months to use it) 

This scent is marketed mainly as a women's perfume and is described as a mixture of pink guava, mandarin followed through then by tuberose and lotus blossom. This perfume comes in at around £50 per 50ml which yes admittedly is extremely pricey, but I definitely feel as though its worth it with how long the scent actually lasts per use.

This second scent is something that apart from my own I'd never heard of or seen before. The full name of this product is the 'vercase vursus Red jeans Eau de Toilette spray', this particular one is the 75ml. I remember receiving this for Christmas one year as a gift from my mum, and she had picked this up in Tk maxx (lets just take a moment to appreciate that very magical shop).

Now I must admit it took me quite a while to warm up to this scent and start enjoying it as it is quite on the strong side as scents come. Again its marketed as a feminine scent but personally I think it could pass as a unisex scent due to the overpowering scent. Although overpowering if used in the right quantity this captivating perfume in one spray releases the most gorgeous scents of  Freesia, Lilly and red currant. And can I just comment on how beautiful the packaging is for this beauty, coming in a bright red tin decorated with the most quirky design I've seen. Not to mention just how fascinating the actual bottle is.

Last but not least Ck 'one' from what I know this is a unisex scent and was Calvin Kleins first produced male and female product back in 1994. Something I love is that it doesn't hold the usual floral scent that 'feminine scents' usually go for but instead a mixture of  Bergamot, cardamom, fresh pineapple and Papaya. I found that this gave it a very fresh and clean feel, just adding that perfect little finishing touch to every outfit. 

Now again this scent is pretty pricey coming in at £40 (usually), but this bottle is a pretty big one (100ml to be exact) and considering I've been using it pretty much every day it has been lasting a hell of a long time. So again definitely worth the money if you'd like to invest in a long term perfume. I just love it.

This is one of my first of many posts that are beauty related so I'm still getting the jist of reviewing products of this sorts etc. But I hope that you all enjoyed reading and I'll be back with another very soon. Thank you for reading. Until next time..



Laura ♥ said...

Ooh, I love your picks! And the photos are just sooo cute, well done!
Lauraconteur ♥

Emma Drury said...

Your photography is so cute!! Great picks, TK Maxx is a goldmine for beauty finds like perfume and makeup!
Emma 💛

blacktulipbeauty said...

I've never seen or smelt any of these which is odd as I'm such a perfume hoarder!! That Red Jeans bottle is so cute though, absolutely love it and by the sounds of the smell it could be one I invest in! :)
Alice Xx

Shanice Herft said...

I absolutely love CK one, may have to rekindle with this scent 😍

Siobhan Macdonald said...

These all sound sooo good. My mums all time favourite perfume is the red jeans one you mentioned here. Great post lovely x

Chloe Alice Lily said...

My favourite scent is Love Story by Chloe. It's so gentle and sweet. I've wanted to try CK one for ages!

Dave"Wossy"H said...

Well done Beck, great website/Blog x

Books and Belle said...

These all sound great! I've been considering CK for a while now! x


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