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Here I am, back again with maybe my second or third favourites posts. But I am admittedly having a bit of writers block at the moment as well as trying to think of more creative ideas to plan for. So I thought this would be a cute little post just to showcase off some of my favourite little bits and bobs of the summer so far. (well I say so far as August is practically over). But more than just a little bit of writers block, I'm dedicating this little light-hearted post to all us beauty, lifestyle & fashion bloggers. To all of us little bloggers that work our absolute butts off writing these little posts for ourselves and for other blog lovers that may or may not even be interested in them. But nevertheless we still continue writing them, as a little project to ourselves. Here's to the little bloggers..

To kick start this post on a positive note, my first love of this month is this gorgeous Daniel Wellington watch that my lovely boyfriend so kindly bought for me (after a lot of hinting of course). And I received this over two years ago now but still its continued to be one of the favourite little things that I own! But these gorgeous watches range from around £60-£100 I believe.. well that was back when I was trying to save up for one myself.. Yes a little pricey you may be thinking but I honestly cannot recommend them enough, from the quality to the design. Everything is just created so perfectly and thought about so well, and in the two years I've had this I've found absolutely no faults!

Second of all my trusty animal cruelty free foundation (as are all of my other cosmetic products). This foundation can be found at the body shop for £15 and yes it is admittedly a little on the pricey side but as a sufferer of pretty bad skin I can say that this formular is so kind to your skin and has a great amount of coverage without it feeling like a cakey layer on the top of your skin. This is my every day go to foundation that I will always turn to on a full face of make up day.

Third of all my first proper and beloved set of make up brushes that I picked up from Indy Luxe last month. Since I bought them I've without fail used them every single day. As part of their bloggers scheme I'll cut to the chase in saying that I can offer you a 20% discount code for you or your friends & family to use. Just type 'REBECAELEN20' into the promo/discount code area at checkout! But apart from these brushes being the prettiest things ever they actually are one of the best quality brushes that I've ever come across and for just £35! (before discount). I'll just keep this short but if you'd like to find out more here's my blog post that explains everything that I love about them >> BLOG POST << .

Here's a cringe one, so if you're not into people confessing their love for their boyfriends etc then you may want to skip onto the next part! I would say sorry but I am so not, if you know me then you'll definitely know how cringe and open I am about the love I have for my boyfriend. But here goes, one of my favourite things about the past 2 and a half years is my boyfriend. But especially the past two months, admittedly I can be right handful sometimes with my typical little strops when I'm hungry and my constant need for attention (and hey these aren't exactly bad things but I can definitely see how they'd get on his nerves sometimes!) 

But I have to give it to him, he's always there for me and always has the patience of the saint around me which isn't an easy thing to have. But he does, and although I'm a ridiculously loving person I feel that I just needed to dedicate this little part of my post to him and how much he helps me every single day without truly realising it. He's made me a more confident, happy and outgoing person and the word thank you will never be enough to explain how grateful I am to have him in my life. So here's to the kindest, most caring and generous person that I could ever ask for.

Here they are, the last but definitely not least of my favourites. My two Primark beauty steals! Since Primark have totally stepped up their beauty game I've definitely spent a lot more time around the make up stands. And two of my favourite picks have got to be the 'ps.. Chick flick matte black eyeliner' and the 'mermaid glow highlighter'. Now this eye liner so far has lasted me over a month and is still as dark and incredibly pigmented as it was when I first purchased it. The only fault that I can realistically find is that if you're a wing queen like myself then this brush isn't half as thin and precise that you'd like it to be, but for the actual line across the top of the eye lid it has been perfect. The best part about this for me is that it came in at a steal of a price of £2 which in this make up day and age is pretty unbelievable considering its quality. And that is why this is my holy grail every day go-to eyeliner..

Onto the magical mermaid glow highlighter, now admittedly I'm not too much of a highlighter kinda gal but when I do fancy a little sparkle I always reach for this. I have to say if you're looking for a very subtle highlighter then this may not be for you as it is pretty out there. I mean come on, if you want to be a mermaid you have to stand out.. especially when it comes to the use of glitter. I typically us this on my cheek bones, the very tip of my nose and for my cupids bow. But little do people know that it also doubles up as one of the most gorgeous pigmented glittery eye shadow shades! From what I can remember this cost around £3/4 so you can't really go wrong can you?

And that is it for another favourites post my lovelies! Keep an eye out for next months as I'll be mentioning a few of my favourite blog post photo props! Thank you for reading, Becky

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