Thursday, 20 July 2017

Top five primark picks

Okay so first of all if you are as much of a Primark fan as me then you will definitely know just how much they've stepped up their home-wear game, and to say the least I am loving it! I've been holding back lately as my student budget is running a little low, but today I couldn't take it anymore and HAD to give in!

The first thing that caught my eye was this gorgeous unicorn candle. With unicorns FINALLY making a comeback I feel that its now slightly more acceptable to go back to our childish loves. And to see it finally in a candle form I just had to pick it up! Not to mention that the scent is 'sweet candy', and honestly if we had smelly-vision then I can assure that a good few of you would be running to the shops to pick one up!

The second thing that caught my attention is a blogger must have, the famous copper basket/tray. I'd seen this a countless amount of times in other bloggers photos but never knew where to find them. Until today! I cannot explain the little dance of excitement that I did when I saw them, but luckily nobody in the shop saw me. Now this can be used for the kitchen, bathroom, office or bedroom and so on and so on. Coming in at a pretty decent size this bargain was only £6 and I had to stop myself from buying them all. Because a girl can never have too much copper.. A bloggers dream!

The aluminium tumblers, I've been looking at these beauty's for a good few weeks, debating whether I was cool enough to rock them. Today I gave in. I couldn't take it anymore and had to finally pick these up. I thought that they would also be very aesthetically pleasing to take photos of but trust me that could not be further from the truth, two hours it took me just to get one decent photo.. TWO HOURS. I must say it was so worth it though, and for only £4 for two you cannot go wrong. Well played Primark, well played..

If you're a stationary addict like me then you will understand the love for simple little notebooks like this. Once again its something featuring copper, so come on.. its a must have! Inside the covers are countless amounts of beautiful lined sheet paper, perfect for planning blog posts or day to day activities.

The last thing is more of an accessory than a homewear item, but I couldn't leave it out. The classic pair of glasses that are all the rage lately, these simple and subtle leopard print glasses are the perfect accessory to finish off a quirky little outfit. Although they're non prescription glasses they make you look like a professional blogger when you're sat there planning, they kind of make you feel like you've really got your life together you know.. I feel like this accessory speaks for itself. And on that note I will stop chattering on about the dreaminess of my favourite shop. 

little side note; this post is definitely not sponsored or paid for but Primark if you're reading you know where to find me, just take a look at that contact page at the very top. Please.. You know you want to.. Last of all Guys and gals thank you for reading this little chatty post of mine, until next time. Have a lovely day, Becky xox


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Emma Pearson said...

I love what you picked Primark doesn't stock much homeware stuff :/


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